laundry hampers

laundry hampers

As we all know, keeping our laundry clean, tidy, and functional can be a challenge. But with the right laundry hamper, it can become a breeze. At kaboodle, we offer a variety of laundry hampers. Our 35L hampers come in two colours—white and blue. So, sorting whites and colours could not be easier. The perforated hamper sides offer ample ventilation, allowing your laundry to breathe while preventing mould or mildew on damp clothing.

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Our laundry hampers are finished with large ergonomic handles for quick and easy removal, and they sit securely in place on a patented wire frame. The soft, light design makes them easy to carry and transport around your home.

If you prefer a tidy look, you can hide the hampers away in a cabinet. Our laundry hampers slide effortlessly in and out on full-extension, soft-close ball-bearing slides.

Laundry hampers are essential to any modern laundry room, providing a stylish and practical solution for storing dirty clothes. Removing the need for sorting your clothes, our laundry hampers can make washing a simple task that won't take up too much time. 

At kaboodle, we offer a range of high-quality and modern pull-out laundry hampers designed to complement any space and meet your specific needs. With a range of products designed to help organise your home, such as bin hampers, pull-out pantries and a range of stylish handles, we have the right solution to create the functional home of your dreams. 

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When choosing a pull-out laundry hamper, it's essential to consider your space and the amount of laundry you typically produce. With multiple bin options, you can simplify your laundry day by separating your clothes beforehand. Our range also includes options with multiple removable bags, making it easy to sort laundry and transport it to the washing machine. We also offer single-bag options for smaller homes. 

To ensure a perfect fit for your laundry hamper, we provide detailed product dimensions and easy-to-follow installation instructions from our assembly library. Our laundry hampers are also compatible with our 3D kaboodle planner, so you can easily visualise how your entire laundry will look, making it easy to find your space's suitable layout and functionality before you buy.

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At kaboodle, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality products designed to last. Our laundry hampers are no exception, featuring sturdy construction and high-quality materials that ensure they will stand the test of time. Our commitment to quality, affordable prices, and easy installation process make us the best choice for customers looking for laundry hampers or other DIY kitchen solutions.

Find a wide range of customisable solutions for your home efficiency to ensure your home's newly renovated space perfectly meets your home's needs and reflects your style. Find your nearest Bunnings to view our wide collection and find the exact pieces you need for your home. 

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Whatever your laundry design, we have you covered. Browse our selection of laundry hampers today and find the perfect laundry hamper for your home!

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