FSC core labour requirements policy statement

FSC Core Labour Requirements Policy Statement

AHE has ensured its operations meet all of the FSC core labour requirements. These include:

The prohibition on the use of child labour, except in identified circumstances:

We know and understand the statutory legal minimum ages of employing children in each State of our operation, and the school leaving age and any other conditions that apply;
Those under 18 only conduct hazardous or heavy work within the context of an approved apprenticeship or traineeship; and
We ensure that at all times any person employed between the ages of 15 and 18 are paid according to the relevant modern award/EBA and that such employment is not harmful to their health or development.

The prohibition on all forms of forced labour:

We do not restrict workers, withhold funds for payment of obligations (unless required by law – eg Child Support payments), withhold passports or identification documents from them;
All employees are recruited into roles and paid minimum rates as prescribed by the relevant modern award/EBA;
All employees are verified to have the right to live and work in Australia under the relevant visa, residency or citizenship requirements.

Ensuring our workplace is free from all forms of discrimination:

We strive to have a diverse workforce in terms of age, ethnicity, gender and other characteristics;
When recruiting for roles, we select the best candidate for the role without discrimination;
We ensure all employees are presented with equal opportunity to apply for other internal roles, promotion, salary increase and advancement;
We maintain a strict anti-discrimination policy in compliance with Australian Law.

Allowing our workers the right to Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining.

We comply with the provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009 in relation to Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining and the other general protections afforded in Australia;
Employees are the right to join or refuse to join a worker organization, without sanction or undue influence;
Employees have the right to be represented by a registered industrial organization in accordance with the Act;
Employees have the right to bargain collectively and participate in industrial activity in accordance with the Act.

In all circumstances, we have implemented whichever is the highest requirement - whether it be Australian Law or the FSC Standard into our operation. To ensure compliance, we have completed a self-assessment and keep records to demonstrate compliance. The implementation of our commitment is then independently audited by our Certification Body annually.

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