3D kaboodle planner

Kaboodle has some great support tools available to help guide you through your renovation design using the 3D kaboodle planner. Learn how to explore different layouts, designs and styles to bring your dream kitchen, laundry or home office to life in 3D.

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Visit our 3D kaboodle planner and start designing your dream space today! With the click of a button, you can explore different colour combinations and layouts to find a style you love.

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3D planner guide

Check out our advice blog which gives you our top tips on how to use the 3D kaboodle planner. Start making your dream project a reality and get planning today!

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3D planner masterclass

In this masterclass, our DIY expert Cam will guide you through an-depth tutorial of how to use the 3D planner and show you how to design a stylish, modular kitchen.

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need help to get started?

Open one of our popular kitchens in 3D to start the design process for you. Simply change the layout, colours and benchtops to suit your space.

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see how others have brought their design vision to life

behind the scenes - green goodness
Come behind the scenes of our latest inspiration gallery, green goodness, as we speak to homeowners Bronwyn and James about their apartment renovation and navigating a small space!