cali white

Clearly identified by its straight-edged, geometric form, the cali handle will bring a modern edge to your space.

Always remember measurements of handles are centre to centre, where you drill holes to attach them to your cabinet door or drawer panel. Be sure to check the full length of a handle to ensure it suits your needs.

It also comes with the kaboodle 5 year warranty. Refer to our Warranty Statement for full terms & conditions.

Model Number:
96mm: W-50633 128mm: W-50634 160mm: W-50635 192mm: W-50648
96mm, 128mm, 160mm or 192mm 96mm: L 121mm x W 27mm x H 8mm 128mm: L 153mm x W 27mm x H 8mm 160mm: L 193mm x W 27mm x H 8mm 192mm: L 224mm x W 27mm x H 8mm

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