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Did you know that kaboodle kitchens are customisable? If you weren’t already aware, kaboodle’s cut to measure program offers the flexibility to customise widths on selected products. This offering allows our customers to achieve the best possible fit for their space, enabling them to maximise every nook and cranny with a design-led approach.

We will continue to invest in company-owned, localised facilities, where we produce highly specialised made to order products, on our own state of the art machinery. As well as maintaining dynamic flexibility in the way we manufacture our products, we always have the consumer front of mind and look to satisfy the dynamic needs of our customer.

We are passionate about innovation, product development and investing in technology that will allow us to grow our manufacturing capabilities in Australia, supporting our local community.  

On local ground in Melbourne, we have our very own manufacturing facility located in Somerton that facilitates all of our cut to measure request orders, and we’d love to invite you on a tour.

So, how does our cut to measure program come to life?

  • we use state of the art machinery to handle all customisation requirement

kitchen images

  • all cut to measure products are cut and edged in our facility

  • doors and panels from our thermoformed range are sprayed with adhesive and placed on racks to dry

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  • doors and panels are placed on the press table and cleaned, then vinyl is pulled and pressed

  • customisation is applied to our melamine and thermoformed products in a modern profile

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  • we trim, sort, clean and package prior to dispatching to our Australian state based warehousing network

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Our cut to measure range is perfect for creating a designer look without compromise, making the most of your storage space (removing the need for any filler panels) and creating large panels (multi-purpose panel), to reduce the number of joins in your kitchen. We’re proud to employ over 50 Victorians at this facility to bring the very best in value and customisation to life. 

To discover more about our cut to measure range, head over to our cut to measure blog article!