why you’ll love our deeper wall cabinets

Discover why wall cabinets are an essential part of your kitchen design and why you’re going to love our deeper wall cabinet options.

Kitchens are more than just a space for cooking, they also serve as a social place for family and friends to gather. With this in mind, modern kitchens design aspects such as open floor plans, exposed walls and large islands have increased in popularity over the years.

wall cabinets matter

Even if you’re gravitating towards an open kitchen design with an island, wall cabinets should still be a key consideration in your design. Here’s why;

1.      Storage

Wall cabinets make use of vertical space to provide more storage options and help minimise clutter on your benchtops.

2.      Accessibility

It’s helpful to have essentials and frequently used items stored at eye level for quick unapparelled accessibility and to minimise the need for bending and stretching towards lower cabinets. They’re a good spot to store your tea and coffee, keeping them fresh and away from moisture and heat, while remaining within arms reach when you’re in need of a quick morning brew.

3.      Style

Wall cabinets are often the first thing you see and can have a major impact on the overall style of your kitchen. Incorporating open wall storage and shelves can also be a good opportunity to add your own personal touch with cookbooks or plants.

deeper wall cabinets for maximum storage

And better yet, our new extended range of cabinets includes deeper wall cabinet options! By adding an additional 100mm for 400mm total depth, our deep wall cabinets provide an extra 35% more storage for all your kitchen essentials. All the more room for your favourite mugs and glasses, and extra-large plates.

They’re available in all our modular sizes for quick delivery or straight off the shelf at your local Bunnings.*

designer look for less

Deep wall cabinets also allow enough room to fit an undermount rangehood for the ultimate sleek and stylish look. Pair with our new tall pantry cabinet to ensure your kitchen is compliant with Australian/New Zealand kitchen standards.

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*Availability may vary between stores.