what if my cabinets don’t fit my space?

If your walls aren’t perfectly squared or you’re having trouble trying to fit a modular cabinets into your space, then your design might need some clever tweaking…

A filler panel was used here on the left next to the pantry end panel.

Two of the most common methods of fitting a kitchen exactly to size are using filler panels or ordering a custom, cut to measure cabinet. 

Filler panels

The most economical solution is to use filler panels to fill any spaces created between wall and cabinet. Filler panels are available in two heights, one for base and wall cabinets and the other for pantries. They are 100mm in width and can be cut down to suit the space available.

Wherever possible when using fillers on a straight run of cabinets, it’s best to centre the cabinets on the wall, leaving equal sized gaps on either end of the run. This will make sure your kitchen looks as symmetrical as possible!

To make a filler, simply measure the space that the filler is required to take up and cut down the filler panel to this size. Then screw a scrap piece of timber to the back of the filler panel. This will act as your fixing point to attach the filler to the cabinet.

Filler panels don’t only have to be used vertically! They, along with kickboards, can be used horizontally and can fill in the space above cabinets as bulkheads.

Cut to mesure

If you don’t want to compromise on your kitchen design, cut to measure cabinets gives you the freedom to order cabinets to the width you need for that seamless fit in your kitchen! 

Cut to measure cabinets allow you to make the most of your storage space, reduce the number of joins in your kitchen and align your kitchen perfectly with your space. 
What’s more; the range includes a special medium height wall cabinet which is ideal for housing under-mount rangehoods and adds a bit of extra depth to your wall storage space.
You can order selected cabinets including base, wall, pantries, slimlines and companion doors, to the exact width you’re after.
The cut to measure range is focussed on 10 premium melamine colours, based on what's currently trending around the world and feature matt, woodgrain and gloss textures. 

How to order 

Filler panels are available through bunnings as per the colour selected.

Cut to measure doors are available through local Bunnings, contact an In-Home Consultant who will take care of all the details needed to bring your project to life.

Please note: the Bunnings In-Home Design Consultation Service is available in selected areas. Contact Bunnings Warehouse on 1800 099 999 to get started.