trends range: shortbread

Introducing shortbread – a warm and inviting grain look that will give your kitchen that raw edge, with the buttery tones of plywood.

Give your kitchen that raw edge by featuring the buttery tones of plywood as an alternative to timber. This warm and inviting grain-look pairs well with whites, blacks, greys and natives to really make your space your own.

Available in our sleek modern door profile, this premium melamine colour has a smooth matt finish and features a fine-grained, mother of pearl texture.

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To achieve the oh so desirable scandi-style, we have paired shortbread with our crisp matt white sea salt doors and panels for the base cabinets to freshen-up the space, and have matched our marble-look mayonella benchtops to create this gorgeous l-shaped kitchen with small but functional island bench.

Bringing our trends range to life through the art of food, we have partnered with someone who knows the importance of trends all too well. MasterChef All-Stars winner and confection queen Emelia Jackson has created a collection of unique dessert dishes, bringing to you a collaboration of the sweetest kind.

Take a look…

Get creative in the kitchen and recreate Emelia’s inspired lemon brulee tart with shortbread crust and vanilla ice cream.

hacks included in this kitchen

open shelving

To create open shelving with our new shortbread doors and panels, all you need to do is purchase;

  • 2 x standard wall end panels

  • 3 x multi-purpose panels cut to size

open shelving feature

Create an open shelving feature in your island bench. All you need;

  • 1 x island end panel and 2 x wall end panels in shortbread

  • 3 x multi-purpose panels in shortbread

  • 2 x multi-purpose panels and 2 x kickboards in sea salt

fridge cabinet feature

Make a feature out of your fridge cabinet. All you need to do is purchase;

  • 2 x multi-purpose panels to frame the fridge cabinet

  • 1 x kickboard (or kickboard offcut) to fix to the back on the fridge cabinet to fill in the space behind the fridge