trends range: matchamisu

Introducing matchamisu – sitting between earthy and luxe, this chic muted green replicates all that is good from nature.

This chic, muted green replicates all that is good from nature. Sitting between earthy and luxe, matchamisu works wonders with timbers, neutrals and gold accents for a truly inviting and contemporary kitchen design.

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Inspired by nature, this on-trend deep green features anti-fingerprint technology and a soft touch matt finish. Available in our modern, heritage, country and alpine door profiles, this new colour is included in our premium thermoformed range.

Exuding elegance and sophistication, this beautiful galley kitchen features our matchamisu doors in the alpine profile, worn gold salento handles and biancoccino benchtops with distinguished grey veins, creating an aesthetic that is modern, refined and timeless.  

Bringing our trends range to life through the art of food, we have partnered with someone who knows the importance of trends all too well. MasterChef All-Stars winner and confection queen Emelia Jackson has created a collection of unique dessert dishes, bringing to you a collaboration of the sweetest kind.

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Feeling confident? Why not try your hand at recreating Emelia’s inspired dessert; matcha, pistachio and passionfruit tart with white chocolate.

design features in this kitchen

stylish curved island

You can replicate this stylish curved island using a few items from your local Bunnings. You will need 18mm MDF to create the curve templates, 3mm MDF to form the curve and timber mouldings to clad the curve.  For more information around how you can achieve this look at home, read through our curved island-look blog.

stacked cabinetry to create extra height and storage

  • to create the pantries on either side of this run of cabinetry, we have placed 2 x 600 pantry cabinets on top of 2 x 600 one drawer base cabinets

  • we used 2 x multi-purpose panels to serve as pantry end panels in the new height

  • we also added 2 x kickboards cut to size as filler panel between the pantries and the wall

hack for getting the ‘built-in’ look

  • we have secured a kicker on top of our wall cabinetry to maintain the required distance between cooktop and wall cabinets, while at the same time get extra height and create a seamless flow between the wall cabinets and pantries