thin benchtops, perfect for the minimalist look!

finish off your kitchen with a sophisticated 20mm thick benchtop, giving your kitchen the perfect minimalist look

Here at kaboodle, we have a large variety of laminate and timber benchtops in our modular and customisable ranges. Our benchtops are available in a variety of thickness to suit your kitchen! To get that stone look we have the option of the 20mm thick benchtops.

Most recently we have introduced some new benchtops available in our 20mm range! You can now get your favourites terrazzola, oyster swirl and biancoccino benchtops in the elegant 20mm thick option. These are in addition to our ever-popular calcutta gloss, soyanut, crackle crush gloss and mayonella benchtops.

The 20mm benchtops are light weight making them very easy to handle when installing whilst also giving you a contemporary, elegant stone look.

For an aesthetically pleasing 3D look, these benchtops can be put through our custom benchtop service where you’ll have the option of choosing a squared edge radius using acrylic edging for a continuous stone-like appearance.