the psychology of colour in the kitchen

when it comes to the kitchen, colour selection is more important than you may think

The interior colour palettes we surround ourselves with have a profound impact on the way we think and feel. Colour is subjective and effects everyone differently, so there are no right or wrong colour option when it comes to choosing a tone that makes you feel good.

We have recently launched a collection of curated door and panel colours, designed to evoke a sense of calm in an interior setting. See how these new colour palettes could enhance the environment in your kitchen and even influence the feel throughout your entire home.  

timber-look woodgrains

Timber tones are innately textural, visually with their woodgrain pattern and physically with their ribbed finish. Due to these textural qualities, opting for timber tone kitchen cabinetry will add warmth and personality to your space. The warm, nutty tones of wattleseed, ghost ash or hazelnut will also evoke a connection to nature with their natural elements and appearance, which again help to ground and centre us.

muted greens

Drawing us back to nature, a colour palette prominently made up in green tones is grounding as well as soothing. You can incorporate our muted green tones such as olive grove or cardamom on their own or in a two-tone aesthetic. An earthy green palette also helps to connect the indoors with outdoors, creating continuity and a more seamless connection with nature.

shades of blue and grey

Known for reducing stress levels, blue is a great choice for both contemporary and classic kitchens. Blue tones reflect the ocean so are a natural fit in coastal or Hamptons style homes. Although blue has calming elements, it is also known for enhancing productivity. Incorporating blue into a kitchen setting also means that you can seamlessly connect the kitchen to other rooms in the house, through styling elements like rugs, throws and cushions.

On the other hand, grey tones have a neutral presence. Not as bold as black and has a little more depth than white, grey is a great alternative if you can’t choose between a light or dark kitchen. It is innately neutral, which means you won’t feel overwhelmed or claustrophobic when in its presence, it’s a colour that appeals to most, so is a great option if you are flipping a home. 

neutral tones

The colour or tone, white, is one of the most popular kitchen colours due to it’s ease and simplicity. It is an effortless choice, that you know you won’t get sick of. White instils a sense of purity and cleanliness that can make you feel fresh and clear minded; it is crisp and suites every interior setting. If you want to play it safe but also incorporate some personality to your space, consider creating a two-tone kitchen, featuring white cabinetry for your base cabinets and maybe a muted green or blue for your wall cabinets. This will encourage visual interest as well as create a focal point.

Explore our new door and panel colours and see which palette speaks to you and the type of atmosphere you are aspiring to create in your home! For more inspiration and ideas, visit our design blog or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.