the perfect layout for your kitchen

As soon as you’ve measured your space and know how much of it you have to work with, you can then move onto choosing the perfect layout for your kitchen.

The perfect layout for your kitchen.

The kitchen layout you choose might be based on the existing kitchen you’re replacing, or a brand new kitchen design.


  • Remember to allow enough space in between benchtops to accommodate for traffic in the kitchen and opening cabinet doors.

  • Consider any personal factors that might have an impact on your choice of design, i.e. daily foot traffic, kids, room for storage.  

  • Try to incorporate the working triangle into your design; the distance between your cooktop, fridge and sink. The most effective work spaces allow 1200mm between each of these stations which minimises movement in the kitchen. 

Straight line kitchen

Straight line kitchen.

The straight line kitchen is ideal for small and narrow kitchen areas, but can also comfortably accommodate larger kitchens. It’s a simple kitchen design and is often the most inexpensive in relation to other kitchen layouts which makes this configuration ideal in smaller sized spaces.


  • Perfect for smaller sized homes or apartments.

  • Works great in an open plan designed space.

  • Easily accessible.


  • Doesn’t offer much room for appliances – you might end up removing a dishwasher from your design.

  • Lack of storage space.

  • Works off a single straight wall which might be restrictive in some spaces.  

L-shaped kitchen

L-shape kitchen.

The L-shape kitchen suits open plan living areas, smaller areas and long rooms. It also enables you to move freely between the various areas within the kitchen and gives you great benchtop working space.


  • Can be designed around smaller or medium sized kitchen spaces.

  • Great for corner space.

  • Perfect for open plan designs.

  • Minimal traffic disruptions.


  • Not ideal for large kitchen spaces.

  • Limited storage options compared to other kitchen configurations.

  • Not as easy for multiple cooks.

L-shaped kitchen with an island

L-shape kitchen with an island.

An island is best suited to medium and larger sized spaces. Additional cabinets and benchtop work space also makes this kitchen family friendly and an entertainer’s paradise. This configuration offers great accessibility and easy access to each end of the kitchen.


  • Perfect opportunity for a breakfast bar.

  • The cook can interact with others in the kitchen.

  • Lots of benchtop preparation space.

  • Easy to access from all areas.


  • Doesn’t work in really small, or narrow spaces.

  • The overall design can be very spread out if used in a larger space. 

U-shaped kitchen

U-shape kitchen.

The U-shape kitchen comes in different sizes and is the perfect layout for families who spend lots of time in the kitchen.


  • Can be designed around a bigger or smaller sized kitchen spaces.

  • Heaps of preparation space.

  • Can incorporate a breakfast bar.

  • Lots of storage space.


  • Bottom corner cabinets can be difficult to get into.

  • A really large floor area can result in things being too far apart.

  • A really tiny floor area can sometimes feel too enclosed.

Galley kitchen 

Galley kitchen.

The galley kitchen is a functional kitchen design that allows you to reach all areas of the kitchen with minimal walking distance. It’s the ultimate contemporary configuration and the number one choice for many chefs!


  • Easy access working space.

  • Accommodates high foot traffic.

  • Lots of storage.

  • Enough room for many work areas.


  • A galley kitchen layout can sometimes limit your dining room space.

  • People passing through can cause a traffic jam.

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