the ins and outs of blind corner cabinets

We’re opening the ins and outs of blind corner cabinets to show you how you can use them as a solution in your kitchen to get the most out of your space.

There is a perception around blind corner cabinets and how they can create a dead space in a kitchen. This perception often sees blind corner cabinets overlooked in kitchen designs…BUT if you use your blind corner cabinets wisely and pair them with the appropriate accessories you might just have a genius combination on your hands.

kitchen corner cupboard solutions

U-shape and L-shape kitchen designs can sometimes lose functionality because of their sharp corners, leaving you with hard-to-reach spaces where you find yourself fighting to grab that jar of jam that’s wedged into the back corner. Commonly, a classic corner cabinet will be selected to solve this problem, and it does quite a good job, but there is more than one solution to these tricky spaces, and a blind corner cabinet might just be the answer to your prayers.

Now I know what you’re thinking, how could a blind corner cabinet possibly make your life easier while maximising your cupboard space. Well… the answer is quite simple, you need to marry up your blind corner cabinet with matching wireware to gain functionality and movement within the cabinet.

So, here’s what you need to know about our blind corner cabinets and how they work.

Blind corner cabinets are special, so they need their own special panel. You will need to purchase a blind corner base panel for your cabinet, this panel acts as a spacer between your blind corner cabinet and the cabinet next to it. You will also need to purchase a pair of blind corner hinges, these are different to your standard hinges, and are available off the shelf at your local Bunnings Warehouse.

400mm cabinet door option.

Now it’s time for the fine details, sizes! It’s important that you know the exact space required for your blind corner cabinet, and this comes down to the size of the cabinet door you choose to use.

400mm cabinet door option:

A 400mm cabinet door is the smallest option for our blind corner cabinets. If you’re using 400mm door, you will need to allow 1000mm for your blind corner cabinet to be properly installed. I know you’re thinking 1000mm seems like quite a large space, but in a corner, this is generally space that is forgotten or completely ignored.

450mm cabinet door option.

450mm cabinet door option:

Your next option, and the most commonly used one, is a 450mm cabinet door. If you’re using a 450mm cabinet door you will need to allow for a 1050mm space to install your cabinet. It is important to remember that increasing the size of your cabinet door will increase the overall space needed for your cabinet. This option will also leave you with a 66mm void between the end of your cabinet and the wall (which is completely concealed with a benchtop). It should be noted that if you wish to install a blind corner pullout basket inside your blind corner cabinet, you will need to use a 450mm door.

Gain functionality with a corner pullout basket.


Next up is wireware. Utilising a blind corner pullout basket will make getting your hands on those hard to reach items so much easier! Our blind corner pullout baskets fit in our standard blind corner cabinet, with a minimum 450mm door.

Utilising a blind corner cabinet and additionally pairing it with a blind corner pullout basket is something you should consider if you have an L-shape or U-shape kitchen. They really are a great use of space, and they do make quite the duo.

storage solutions for kaboodle blind corner cabinets

With a few smart hacks and the right organisation, you can transform your blind corner into a functional haven for all your kitchen essentials. Here are some brilliant solutions to maximise every inch of your kaboodle blind corner:

  • imagine gliding shelves that bring everything to the forefront. No more awkward reaching – simply pull out the shelf and grab what you need, easy as pie!

  • these clever contraptions spin like a merry-go-round, putting everything within reach. Perfect for storing spices, condiments, or anything else you use regularly.

  • for an ultra-personalised touch, consider custom inserts that section of your cabinet. This keeps items organised and prevents them from toppling over.

mastering the installation

Before you unleash your inner DIY whiz, remember these key considerations:

measure twice, cut once

This age-old advice applies here too! Precise measurements ensure a seamless fit for your chosen storage solution.

being careful of uneven terrain

Australian homes are known for their character (a.k.a., sometimes uneven floors). Don't worry, most kaboodle cabinets and storage accessories are adjustable, allowing you to find that perfect balance.

ensuring a smooth operation

Just like your favourite car, your storage solutions need a little TLC. Check the hardware regularly and tighten screws if needed. This keeps everything gliding or rotating smoothly.

keeping your corner cabinet in tip-top shape

Now that your blind corner is a storage haven, let's keep it that way! Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips:

  • A quick wipe-down with a damp cloth regularly keeps dust and grime at bay.

  • A little wipe with a soft cloth keeps your hinges and tracks sparkling and working like new.

  • Over time, things might need a little love. Don't hesitate to replace worn-out components to keep your storage solution functioning flawlessly.

If you’re convinced about getting a corner cupboard, you can head to our store to see what fits your needs.

kitchen corner cupboard and blind corner cabinet FAQs

What are blind corner cabinets?

Blind corner cabinets are cabinets fixed at the corner between two rows of base cabinets where part of one cabinet’s contents are hidden by the other row of cabinets. The reason it is called blind is because you cannot view what is held inside the cabinet that is hidden. 

When would you use a corner cabinet solution?

We recommend using a corner cabinet when you have cabinets that form a corner. These designs make for a great solution when you want to access your space in the kitchen more easily. Note, corner cabinets usually have static shelves, meaning they provide for a good amount of storage space. kaboodle has a range of wireware accessories that make storage and accessing the contents inside a corner or blind corner cabinet much easier.