the benefits of drawer cabinets

Choosing between drawer and door cabinets can be a difficult decision. Working out which is best for you depends on how you use your kitchen.

A sea of drawer cabinets on a kitchen island.

If you have a lot of small appliances, pots, pans, cutlery, crockery and other various odds and ends, then drawers are best for you.

Why? Many reasons exist, but first and foremost it’s because drawers increase the amount of useable space within a kitchen. On a standard cabinet, there are generally only two surfaces available for placing items, the adjustable shelf and the base. With drawer cabinets, there can be up to four. Not only is there more space available, but with full extension runners that pull the entire drawer box out of the cabinet - hard to reach places (particularly on the base of the cabinet) are also eliminated.

Drawer cabinets also make organisation within the cabinet much, much easier. With the addition of cutlery trays and dividers, you can easily separate your utensils and cookware, meaning that rummaging around the cabinet on all fours trying to find your biggest saucepan will also be a thing of the past!

With drawers available in a number of different widths and heights, there is sure to be a combination of cabinets that’ll work best for you in your new kitchen.