stylish steel frame shelving

Want to give your space a modern edge? Our new steel frame shelving range is the perfect match for standard kitchen cabinetry, with expressive style, allowing you to showcase personal items, while also making a bold statement.

Creating a modern storage solution that doubles as a practical design feature, our stylish range is the perfect solution for your kitchen, laundry or living room if you are hoping to increase space, break up your run of cabinetry and create a modern edge.

A great way to maximise a sense of openness, bringing an element of style for a contemporary setting, these black painted units work wonders with our matt black Molasses V doors and Molasses benchtop (pictured) to create a striking industrial design. The aim of these shelves is not to conceal objects, but rather display them in a way that makes a feature out of items you use every day.

style tip: showcase your favourite objects such as crockery, vases, vessels, cooking elements, cookbooks, spices and utensils. Stacking objects and layering items with different heights is a great way to add visual interest.

Designed to sit flush with cabinetry, the range includes slimline and wall shelves available at 600mm and 900mm widths, and can be configured as you wish. You can position the shelving vertically, horizontally or you can stack them to create an increased sense of height. You can even think creatively by featuring the wall shelves as base units.

Update your kitchen today with our new steel frame shelves to give your space a contemporary edge, while also injecting your personal style!