spring into spring with a clean and organised kitchen

have you been thinking about restoring order to your kitchen? Not sure where to begin? We’ve listed a few top tips to help you get started on your spring cleaning venture – why not, everyone else is doing it!

One of the best ways to get organised in the kitchen is to remove clutter and make sure that everything (even down to your salt and pepper) has its own dedicated place.

I think we can all agree that the pantry can be one of the most daunting areas of the kitchen to tackle when it comes to cleaning and organisation. Our pantry pullout baskets and pullout baskets make organising pantry items a breeze as they allow you to pull out the whole pantry shelf - gone are the days of trying to reach all the way to the back of the pantry to try and scavenge for that last can of crushed tomatoes…you know you’ve been there. Get smart with your internal systems and make your pantries work for you.

Tip: make sure you pack your pantry with logic in mind. For example; storing pasta, tinned tomatoes and olive oil in the same basket will make cooking a lot easier, as everything you need to get your spaghetti Napoli started is located in the same place. This will also help you to identify which pantry items you need to stock up on.  

Corner cabinets can be a frustrating area to organise, as access is limited and something always seems to make its way to the back of the cabinet, out of arms reach. However, our corner rotating baskets and blind corner pullout baskets provide the perfect storage solution for these challenging areas, granting you VIP access.

Tip: corner baskets are great for storing your pots and pans as well as cooking appliances. This will allow you to free-up some sought after drawer space too – win-win!

Another area of the kitchen that may need some attention are your cutlery drawers. If you don’t have a proper storage system for your drawers, you may find that your knives, serving spoons and teaspoons have miraculously found themselves piled on top of one another. Cutlery inserts are a great way to organise your drawers, as they allow you to separate your utensils in a logical and practical manner, to compartmentalise the space.

Finally, freeing-up bench space where possible will not only give you more room for chopping and preparing meals but it’s a great way to make your kitchen feel clean, fresh and organised.

Our hanging kitchen storage 6 piece set and 8 piece set are the perfect storage solutions. The design is sleek and streamlined in its appearance but also allows you to store items such as wooden spoons, salt and pepper, sugar, tea – all the small items you want easy access to but usually take up precious bench space!

So there you have it, some of our top tips on how to spring clean your kitchen and get organised with our range of kitchen accessories and wireware