Silvia Colloca x kaboodle kitchen

we recently partnered with culinary superstar Silvia Colloca to revamp her kitchen space for season two of Cook Like an Italian

Ahead of @cooklikeanitalianau season two, television host and Italian chef @Silviacollocaofficial wanted to give her kitchen a serious freshen-up. Wanting to keep the space bright and neutral, and of course super functional, Silvia opted for our premium matt white feta whip v doors and panels, subtle stone look tapioca benchtops, discrete look matt black plaza handles and natural hevea timber benchtops for design details, featuring a movable chopping board (cool, right?).

“The vast amount of storage I now have is incredible. I know that you can never have enough storage but I can’t believe I actually have two drawers that are almost empty and I can see everything in my cupboards – it’s a dream, never cluttered.” – Silvia Colloca

Silvia has utilised every nook and cranny in her kitchen, making the most out of the large space. This wall of cabinetry serves as the optimal storage solution, boasting two pantries and ample drawer space.  

“The other thing I love about my new kaboodle kitchen is that the drawers are soft closing. In my old kitchen, I would walk in and all drawers would be open, but now that we have soft closing drawers, my family seem to want to close the drawers after using them – it’s great!” – Silvia Colloca

“I am also obsessed with my movable chopping board and I get asked about this all the time! It is the focal point of our kitchen not only visually, but socially. We all sit around it as a breakfast table in the morning and chat, but it is also a functional chopping board – genius!”

This stunning design feature has been created using our natural timber hevea benchtop. It’s not only great to look at aesthetically but is super functional, especially in a chef’s kitchen.

“My kitchen is so much more functional. It is a huge room but the space has been utilised so cleverly, every area has been thought out and considered, which means that we have maximised storage and bench space. There are now multiple areas for people in my family to work; I can make dinner and the kids can make their lunches without being on top of one another. It’s luxurious but makes life with a family of five a lot easier.” 

“As someone who spends most of my time in the kitchen, having enough storage was a very important consideration when designing the space. I have lots of pots and pans, so need at least one drawer for pots and one for lids. Also, the ability to flow between the spaces and never be cramped in a corner is very important. Because I have ample bench space, it allows me to move around the kitchen seamlessly, and I can also display plants, fruit and candles on my benchtop!

I’m a home cook. In my old kitchen, I would come home with the groceries and have to put them on the floor, but now I can put them on the benchtops – it really is the little things that make all the difference. The ample bench space also makes us spend more time in the kitchen as a family, which is lovely!”

“The upkeep is really minimal and the surfaces are so easy to clean! I put a pomegranate on my tapioca benchtop the other week and it didn’t stain at all. It’s not high-maintenance and with three kids, I don’t want to worry about what they are putting on the benchtops, it just makes cooking in the kitchen stress free!”

Want a quick tour of Silvia Colloca's new kitchen and hear about some of her favourite features? Click play on the video above.