planning your kitchen, your way™

when it comes to planning your kitchen, there are a few key tips you should take into consideration

Starting to plan your dream kitchen and not sure where to start? We’ve put together a few top tips you should consider when it comes to making decisions around the functionality, design and style of your space

find a layout that works for you

When planning your kitchen layout, it’s not a one size fits all approach. It’s important to consider the space you have to work with, and how you use it. Do you have a large or small family? Do you live on your own? Do you entertain often? All of these factors will help determine the best layout for your kitchen so you can get the most out of your space.  

design tip: if you entertain regularly and have the space, a kitchen with an island bench is a desirable option as it allows you to cook while socialising at the same time. 

When planning the layout of your kitchen, you should also try to incorporate the working triangle into your design. As a rule, try to keep a distance of 1200mm between your cooktop, fridge and sink to maximise functionality in your space. You don’t want to have these appliances too close or too far away from each other. Keeping a 1200mm distance between each allows for enough space to navigate seamlessly within your kitchen.  

storage is key

When it comes to functionality, internal wireware storage solutions are always on trend to ensure a future-proof design. It’s the perfect way to increase storage by maximising every nook and cranny – no more searching in hard-to-reach places! Make sure you consider how you can incorporate wireware into your kitchen design and take your storage game up a notch!

determine your look and feel

When it comes to design, consider your cabinet configuration and the overall look of your kitchen. Do you want a combination of concealed and open shelving? This will allow you to have optimum storage, while also having the freedom to display things such as cookbooks and vases to inject some personality into the space. You should also consider whether you want handles or a more streamlined handle-less look.

find your style

When considering your palette and material combinations, think about the aesthetics of your home and what complements this. If you’re starting fresh, collect inspiration to help you navigate style options and land on a look and feel that speaks to you. A great place to start is our @kaboodlekitchen Instagram and kaboodle kitchen Pinterest, where you will find a range of gorgeous imagery to get you inspired.

Once you’ve settled on your desired colour palette, you can browse our range of door and panel colours to determine which option will work best in your space. If you’re after a very specific tone, you can even curate your very own colour palette with our paint your own doors range.

What's your perfect profile?

Finally, once you have your style direction locked-in, you’ll need to select a door profile to bring it to life. We have four profiles available in the range; modern, alpine, heritage and country, each of which will assist in adding personality and charm to your space! 

We hope these tips inspire you to start planning your kitchen, your way™, today!