planning for disruption

When you’re left without a kitchen during your renovation, don’t panic because there are some easy and inexpensive cooking solutions.

Planning for disruption.

The thought of living without a kitchen can be a scary thing to ponder… especially when you haven’t been left without a kitchen before.

There are however, a heap of solutions to not having a working kitchen installed in your home!

  • First and foremost; make sure you’re prepared. You need to make things as easy as possible for you and/or your family when the time comes. Pack all of your kitchen goods away, leaving any preparation must have items easily accessible.

  • Plan on setting up a temporary kitchen in a spare room preferably with a sink – maybe a garage or room located near a laundry. A sturdy fold out table can work wonders and you’ll be able to set up smaller transportable appliances such as a kettle, microwave and toaster.

  • If you’re blessed with warmer weather and a barbecue then you’ll be more than ready to prepare your meals!

  • Think about having a picnic. You don’t have to be confined to your home, take your food elsewhere and make the most of your situation.

  • Call on favours from family and friends. We’re sure they’d love to have you round for a meal or two.

  • Have your local takeout store on speed dial for any emergency meals. 

Before you know it, your new kitchen will be up and running in no time!