planning for a kitchen to suit your lifestyle

Make sure you kitchen plans fit in with your lifestyle.

Think about how your lifestyle works in with your space and then start designing!


When you’re planning and designing a kitchen to suit your lifestyle, you should always keep the working triangle in mind (the distance between your sink, cooktop and fridge). Think about the number of people in your household; do you have any kids? Your kitchen design should accommodate these factors. If you have a larger sized family, incorporating an island into your design with a breakfast bar is an easy access solution. If you’re limited on space then a traditional u-shaped design can also work wonders. 


Most people have a rough budget they like to stick to when planning for a new kitchen. An easy way to consider all possibilities is to use our online 3D Kitchen Planner as a guide. This way you can add and remove cabinets based on your preferred layout and have a tally of all the items and costs associated with your new kitchen.


Consider adding an element of functionality into your kitchen to suit your lifestyle with the kaboodle wireware and wastebin range. Have a look through our wireware and wastebin range to see what will work best in your kitchen to maximise on your hard to reach spaces. Installing wire baskets in your pantry or base cabinets make it easier for you to locate groceries and cooking utilities.


The only way to narrow down the appliances that will work best in your kitchen based on your needs is to think about how much potential time you generally spend cooking. If you’re the next Masterchef, then consider installing a 900mm oven and cooktop, or better yet – two 600mm ovens. Reflect back on your design and how much space you have to work with. This will help narrow down whether or not you have space for a 900mm fridge or if you choose to downsize to a 600mm fridge. If you’re one to rarely cook but love preparing easy to make meals then give yourself plenty of bench space and stick to basic sized appliances.