natural timber benchtops

Finding the perfect benchtop for your new kitchen can be a challenge but is one of the most important aesthetic decisions when renovating your kitchen. If you’re interested in creating a natural look for your kitchen, we suggest considering solid timber benchtops. Not only are they eco-friendly, but timber also carries a variety of other benefits.

the benefits of choosing timber kitchen benchtops

Using timber can really warm up the space, especially if you go with cool grey or stark white cabinets. Incredibly versatile, timber benchtops allow you to create variations in texture and colour without compromising the beauty of the material. Timber embraces a rustic style and can be used as a bespoke material to further embrace the beauty of your home. The natural charisma of wood also makes it warmer to the touch than other materials including steel or granite. 

Although timber typically has a lower density and is much softer than alternative options, refinishing can be done periodically which can be easily stained to give it a brand new look. Natural timber is highly durable and can be repaired easily by sanding out any scratches or dents. Timber benchtops also require much less upkeep than other options and their longevity also outlives the lifespan of many other benchtop materials. An occasional resealing with resin may be required after long term use, but overall timber benchtops can be easier to maintain than alternative materials. Plus, stains, nicks and other signs of wear and tear further increase the aesthetic appeal of the look timber benchtops provide.

choose from our range of timber and timber-look benchtops

If you’re looking to add some warmth and texture to your kitchen, we have a range of timber and timber-look benchtops to choose from.

Our hevea benchtop has a yellow tinge to it and also looks great in a modern-style kitchen. Hazelnut is a warm, nutty brown with a realistic irregular woodgrain, is super versatile and extremely durable, most colours match perfectly when partnered together – all the way from bright whites through to dark, rich tones.

The timber benchtop you decide on also depends on the overall elements that make up your kitchen. Whether that be any existing architectural structures like exposed beams and bricks, or even the paint colours and cabinet handles you’ve chosen to incorporate into your kitchen could impact your benchtop choice. All of our natural timbers are sustainably sourced.

caring for your kaboodle timber-look benchtops

Taking proper care of your timber kitchen benchtops is crucial for preserving their natural allure and functionality for the long term. Whether you've chosen our 100% natural timber benchtops in options like American Oak, Bamboo, or Hevea, or you've opted for our laminate timber-look alternatives, the right care regimen can make all the difference. Always use a trivet when placing hot pots and pans on the surface to prevent scorch marks. Wipe up any spills immediately to avoid potential staining. For natural timber surfaces, consider periodic oiling as a way to nourish the wood and maintain its natural lustre and beauty. Adhering to these simple yet effective care instructions will ensure that your timber benchtop remains a stunning and functional centrepiece in your kitchen for years to come.

get inspired

Designing your own kitchen from scratch can be overwhelming and finding ways to incorporate timber benchtops into the design can be challenging. Browse our inspiration gallery for different kitchen styles that could potentially work in your home. From the cottage, country style homes to eclectic, modern looks, finding the perfect design for your kaboodle kitchen has never been easier.  

cut to measure kitchen benchtops available for order

Looking for something more custom? Our cut to measure benchtops allow you to specify the size and shape of materials. Perfect for spaces with awkward corners and tight spaces, our cut to measure benchtops come in lengths up to 3.6 metres and are available in a variety of thicknesses. Browse our range of cut to measure benchtops, from honeywood to hazelnut coloured benchtops, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect benchtop for your brand new kaboodle kitchen.

All our kaboodle kitchen benchtops are exclusively available at Bunnings Warehouse across all Australian states and major cities, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin. Browse our complete range in-store or click here to view our flagship dream kitchen design centres. Feel free to reach out to our team of friendly kaboodle experts should you have any questions regarding your design.