maximising space in your home with a European laundry

Looking to maximise space in your home? A European style laundry could be a great solution. Read on for our tips and inspiration.

If doing the laundry and folding fitted sheets isn’t something that excites you, and that laundry reno you had planned has been put on the back burner, we don’t blame you! Or maybe you’re tight on space and struggling to find room for a dedicated laundry area? We assure you that you can still get the laundry of your dreams when working with minimal space, and the answer is a European laundry! There are so many benefits to a European laundry that might even give you an extra pep in your step when putting on that next load.

what is a European laundry?

A European laundry is a compact laundry that is often tucked away inside a cupboard and located in the bathroom, kitchen, hallway or in an alcove under the stairs. They’re the go to laundry solution for apartments, townhouses and smaller homes.

design tips and benefits

Although smaller in size, you definitely won’t be sacrificing on style or functionality – there are actually a number of advantages when opting for a European laundry. When designed strategically, they will make your small space work hard!

consider location

Kitchens are often the hub of the home. Consider integrating a European laundry into your kitchen design whether that be tucked under your benchtop, in the butler’s pantry if you have one, or hidden behind panels along one wall. This way, you’re close to the action and can easily pop on a load while dinner is cooking and throw those dirty tea towels straight in.

If the kitchen is not the spot for your European laundry, the bathroom or hallway are good options too.

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is already a wet area that will be exposed to high levels of moisture, so waterproofing should already be taken care of if you combine your laundry and bathroom. Bath time for the kid’s makes this location convenient, giving you the ability to put clothes straight into the washing  machine.

Or, if you like the sound of instantly tucking away sheets and towels when the folding is done, a dual European laundry next to the linen cupboard in the hallway could be for you.

From European laundry…

You may even be tossing up between a laundry or home office. Check out how our friends @pearsonandprojects opted for a European laundry and home office hidden behind sliding doors so that they could enjoy both – creating a dual functioning space!

 …to home office

dual working areas

Turning existing rooms in your home into dual working area with the addition of a European laundry seems like a no-brainer when it comes with these perks! Maximising the space available in your home means you don’t have to miss out on additions like a home office and in turn, add value to your home!

opt for a front loader washing machine

Opting for a front-loading washing machine is going to save you precious space as they can be slotted in discreetly under a benchtop, or in a stacked configuration beneath your dryer if you choose to have one.

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