long and narrow kitchen design ideas

Dealing with a long and narrow kitchen? Check out these design ideas to maximise storage space and ensure a functional layout for your family.

tips for maximising space in a long and narrow kitchen

Bought your dream home but dealing with a long and narrow kitchen? While you might be thinking there’s absolutely no way you can make the layout work — think again.

Otherwise known as a galley kitchen, this layout can be extremely functional, as it allows you to reach all areas of the kitchen with minimal walking distance. 

While galley kitchens can feel tight and narrow, the right design can open them up significantly, giving you real choice in how you use the space, ultimately making it quite versatile. Read on to learn more about how to style your long and narrow kitchen, with options for an island included!

rearrange your appliances

Appliances should be within reach and easy to access in order to keep your compact space organised. The hard and fast ‘kitchen triangle’ rule applies here, which means if you drew lines to connect the sink, fridge and stove top, you’d create a triangle. 

lock in a layout

The placement of cabinets can make or break the flow of your galley kitchen. Make sure there is plenty of room to move around and avoid overcrowding your long but narrow space. If you can incorporate an island, consider how it will be used and how you can maximise storage. 

pick the right lighting

Good lighting is vital for any kitchen and the key to making a tight space feel larger. Simple tricks can transform your kitchen into a stylish and comfortable place to enjoy meals and entertain family. Natural light can really open up the space, so try not to block windows or overcrowd them with cabinets. Also consider using lighting to emphasise certain parts of your kitchen. Our new under cabinet LED panel lighting is perfect for this. It is cleverly designed to diffuse the light source and will give your space a modern edge.  

play with colours

The right colour scheme is crucial when designing a long and narrow kitchen. Light and neutral toned cabinets can create a bright atmosphere and pair well with laminate and timber-look benchtops.  

galley kitchen design inspiration

multi-functional island

explore this design

With long and narrow kitchens, maximising every nook and cranny is crucial if you want to create a comfortable but practical space. From additional storage to offering space for meal prep, kitchen islands can add functionality to an otherwise compact cooking space. Turning your one-wall kitchen into a two-wall kitchen with a full-length island bench can completely transform the entire atmosphere of your home.

Add a kitchen sink and create a benchtop extension so that you can still socialise with friends and family while you are preparing meals or cleaning-up. It’s also a good idea to make the most of your cupboard space by adding internal storage solutions like wireware to hold your spices or under-counter bins to cleverly hide your waste.

whites, brights and clean lines

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If you’re lacking space in your kitchen, a white colour scheme can help it feel bigger and brighter. Start with doors and panels and browse our range of white and off-white colours in silk gloss or matt finishes, such as gloss white, macaroon and antique white. Then go for a benchtop that complements your white cabinetry. Stone and marble looks pair great and also bring a fresh, modern feel to the space.