behind the scenes – Kristy kaboodles her laundry, study & bedroom

Join us as we go behind the scenes of Kristy – founder of Minnie and Me Interior’s – whole of home transformation with kaboodle, where she creates a unique aesthetic in her laundry, study and bedroom with different colours, profiles, and showstopping wallpaper!

Kristy and her husband purchased their current property knowing it would be their forever home.

“This is our forever home, so we wanted to get our design choices right whilst also not blowing our budget.”

Kaboodle cabinetry can be used just about anywhere, so they decided to refresh their laundry, home office and bedroom wardrobes. Kristy was able to create a unique aesthetic in each space by using different colours, profiles and showstopping wallpaper from her very own Minnie and Me Interiors, for a truly bespoke look and feel.

Read on to discover how Kristy’s vision came to life!

the laundry

Let’s be honest, the laundry isn’t everyone’s favourite activity. Thankfully, Kristy wasn’t afraid to go bold and made the laundry her happy place – and it’s got serious wow factor.

Kristy wanted to inject her personality into the laundry and feature one of her favourite floral fantasy wallpapers.

“This wallpaper was created from a custom artwork that my husband bought me by Kelsie Rose Creative, her art sings to me,” says Kristy.

The soft pink hue of our candy floss doors and panels in an alpine profile complimented it perfectly. Neutral stone-look coconutty benchtops allowed the pink to pop while adding a touch of elegance with its smooth and velvety finish. Salento gold handles provided the finishing touch to this magical space.

“Buying an established house has allowed us to take design risks and add our personality. A pink laundry? Why not? This space sums up dopamine décor for me. The colours and the flowers make me feel happy. Everyone who visits our house is in awe of what we have done, many people have also told us how happy the space makes them feel,” explains Kristy.

the home office

Kristy created a completely different look and feel in the home office. This space was primarily for her husband’s use and would provide the backdrop for meetings, so she chose a more restrained colour palette combining grey spice and american oak benchtops for a sophisticated Scandi-style home office storage unit.

To achieve this, Kristy used a 900mm base cabinet between two 900mm pantry cabinets. American oak benchtops were cut to size to create floating shelves which can be ordered via the special orders desk at Bunnings if you’re not comfortable cutting your own.

Kristy was pleased to discover just how versatile kaboodle products can be, and created a matching desk for a cohesive look.

“The space was styled as a bedroom when we first purchased the home, but it didn’t have any built-in cabinetry. We intended for it to become a home office, mostly for my husband’s use. I was initially going to hack budget store bought cabinetry, but I wanted a more custom high-end look. The kaboodle cabinetry provides much storage and hides away the unattractive items e.g. kids’ games, paperwork/folders, electronics/charging station, printer, wrapping paper, gifts etc, meaning the room is always neat and tidy, this is important as the room is adjacent to the entry. I didn’t know kaboodle could also do desks, but was so thrilled to discover this. I love how the cabinets and desk are coordinated,” explains Kristy.

This space features the Bronze Palm wallpaper.

“The palms wallpaper in the home office is gender neutral and ties in perfectly with the salento gold handles and draws attention to the gorgeous shelves,” says Kristy.

the wardrobes

Kristy was in need of extra wardrobe storage, so to top off her kaboodle renovation, Kristy created her own wardrobe unit for the bedroom using 900mm pantry cabinets with a combination of draws and handy pullout baskets.

“Storage is critical in a family home, and the small existing walk-in robe off the en-suite just wasn’t going to cut it for me. It was my clever Mum’s idea to add cabinetry into the bedroom on a blank wall, given the size of our room, we knew it wouldn’t impinge on space and could actually become a statement in itself. We think we nailed it,” says Kristy.

Cremasala doors and panels in a country profile where complimented with salento gold handles for these sleek scandi-style wardrobes. Kristy added the Minnie wallpaper inside of cabinets for a truly bespoke look and feel with a personal touch.

“The Minnie wallpaper is a nod to our first daughter, Minnie’s nursery,” says Kristy.

Although each space has its own personality, Kristy was still able to achieve a sense of flow by using salento gold handles in each space, and using the same alpine profile in the ground floor home office and laundry.

“I wanted each room to have its own personality but I also wanted the home to flow. We chose the alpine profile for both the home office and laundry on the ground floor and the country profile for our wardrobe upstairs. We also used the same Salento gold handles in all three spaces. I wanted our home to feel warm and cosy so the alpine and country profiles both provide texture and personality,” explains Kristy.

Kristy found the 3D kaboodle planner to be a great visualisation tool.

“I loved using the online tool. I searched for inspiration then loved seeing my ideas come to life. It was affirming that I was heading in the right direction,” says Kristy.

Although kaboodle products are created to be DIY friendly, you can also get some help from an installer like Kristy.

“As we’re not handy, we used professionals who are familiar with flat pack installations. We were thrilled with the timely and skilled services,” says Kristy.

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about Kristy’s kaboodle transformation! For more ideas and inspiration, visit our design blog or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.