kaboodle hack: thick timber benchtop

If you love that thick timber look then have a read to find out all about our chunky benchtop solution!

This beefy bench was made with a double layer of our euro oak benchtop.

If you're after a beefier looking slab for your kitchen there is the option of layering up your benchtop to a double thickness in order to get the look you want.

This can be particularly effective when incorporating a sit-down table into your kitchen design.

How to do it yourself

To achieve this look you will need to build a frame the exact dimensions of your table top using extra or excess benchtop, and secure it to the underside of your bench or table top. You will need to ensure that the railings of the frame are thick enough to hold shape (minimum 100mm), and may need to use cross bracing to prevent bowing. Use mitre joins in the corner to keep the edges consistent and only sand and finish the entire top when the frame is securely bonded.

DIY level - Intermediate