kaboodle hack: rangehood cabinet

Find out all about how you can incorporate our 600mm and 900mm rangehood cabinets into your kitchen design!

Our 600mm rangehood cabinets were used in this minimal kitchen configuration.

Most gas cooktops sold in Australia specify a minimum clearance of around 650mm to the rangehood cabinet or any cabinet positioned directly above it. This can create an issue if you are trying to create a streamlined wall cabinet run above your hotplate, as the usual spacing from a benchtop to wall cabinet is around 570mm. This can particularly be a problem if your wall cabinet run is adjacent to a pantry, which has a top height of 2200mm.

One solution to this problem is to use our kaboodle rangehood cabinets instead of wall cabinets, as they are designed to take 597mm high door and sit flush with the top of a pantry while still maintaining the 650mm required clearance for a stove top.

The kaboodle rangehood cabinet and rangehood cabinet doors can also be used in many other situations where a smaller cabinet or door height is required than our standard 720mm.

How to do it yourself

Our rangehood cabinets come in widths of 600mm and 900mm, so you may need to consider this when designing your kitchen layout. To use a rangehood cabinet as a standard wall cabinet, simply follow the rangehood assembly instructions and secure the adjustable base panel flush with the bottom of the cabinet.

You may need to use a filler panel or wall end panel against any walls or at the end of your run of cabinets. If this is the case then you'll need to measure your wall cabinet height, cut the panel to the same height then seal the raw MDF cut using a suitable waterproof sealant or PVA glue.    

Follow the links for more information on our rangehood cabinets or view our assembly instructions.

DIY level – Beginner