kaboodle hack: open shelves between drawers

Fancy this open shelf feature in your kitchen? Read on to see how you can get this look at home with kaboodle!

kaboodle hack: open shelves between drawers

Open shelves can be made at any size with some clever thinking outside the box (literally)! You can adapt this design to the size you need, or install them between drawer cabinets like we’ve done!

What You Need?

  • Double sided multi-purpose panels

  • 2x 1 Drawer Cabinets

How to Hack It?

  1. Assemble the open cabinet (a) to a height of 140mm. Fix the top and base panels into side panels.

  2. Install the first 1 drawer cabinet (b) on legs and level as required.

  3. Install the open shelf unit (a) sitting 20mm forward of the drawer cabinet (b) and fix it to the drawer cabinet.

  4. Install the top drawer unit (c) to be in line with the lower drawer (20mm back from the panel) and fix it into the open shelf unit.

  5. Fit drawer fronts and handles as required.

  6. Stand back and admire your handy work!

open shelves between drawers