kaboodle hack: create a stylish modern coffee table

This handy hack will step you through how to create a modern coffee table using our slimline steel frame shelves and a timber benchtop. It’s that simple!

To create this oh so stylish coffee table, we have used an off-cut from a 900mm vic ash benchtop (get the look with american oak) but this hack will work with other timber benchtops, or even laminate - as long as it is edged on all four sides. You will also need a timber benchtop finish, some 6G x 15mm pan head screws and stick-on rubber feet to protect your floors and help with levelling.

kaboodle products you’ll need

tools you’ll need

  • drill with a number 2 screw tip

  • 3mm drill bit

  • 4.5mm HSS (steel drilling) bit

  • circular saw with a fine-tooth timber blade

  • masking tape

  • clamps

  • a long straight edge

  • orbital sander or sanding block with 120 and 240 grit sandpaper

  • Phillips head screw driver

  • tape measure

  • adjustable square

  • pencil

  • paint brush or applicator and rags (as required by your chosen benchtop finish) and of course, all the appropriate safety gear

step 1

First, cut the benchtop to 650mm using a circular saw. Carefully follow the instructions provided with the benchtop, and remember to mask the cut and ensure the good side is facing down. The 900mm width will sit flush with the 900mm width of the steel frames, so 650mm will cover the 2 x 320mm depths plus a little overhang.

 step 2

Sand the benchtop according to the instructions provided and coat with your choice of timber finish. Kaboodle clear hard wax oil works wonders but for something a little different, we have used a black stain on this timber. Whatever you use, follow the product instructions carefully and remember to ensure that the finish is food safe if it is going to be used on a food preparation surface.

step 3

Assemble the steel frame shelves by following the product instructions. Because the top rails won’t hold a shelf, flip them upside down to screw into the benchtop and add the stick-on feet to the bottom of the frames.

step 4

Join the frames by clamping together and drilling one top rail into the adjoining top rail using the 4.5mm HSS drill bit in 2 places. Repeat this for the bottom rails then fasten in all four locations using the 32mm tek screws provided with the frames.

step 5

Attach the benchtop by drilling through the shelf support lips in four corners using the 4.5mm HSS drill bit. Once you have done this, clamp the benchtop in place, pre-drill to 10mm deep with the 3mm drill bit and secure using the 15mm pan head screws.  

step 6

Finish by placing two shelves into the bottom support rails and there you have it, job done!

We hope you enjoyed this kaboodle hack and have inspired you to get thinking about your next DIY project!