joining your benchtop

Need help with joining your benchtop? Read on to find out how to join your benchtop!

Create professional benchtop joins

Benchtop join kit

When joining two pieces of your benchtop, it’s critical that they are aligned properly to ensure a smooth finish that will stand up to the test of time. To help you out with this; we’ve created a special benchtop join kit which includes all of your required biscuits, joiners, spanner, PVA glue, spreading sticks and wipes. All the bits and pieces needed to help join your benchtops together!
Our benchtop join kit is suitable for use with laminate and timber benchtops, even our 20mm thin benchtops. Suitable for mason’s mitre, full mitre and standard butt joins where up to 5 joiners are required.

Cut and butt system

Our revolutionary cut and butt joining system means anyone can join their benchtops without the need for experienced trades people, which in turn will save you time and money. 

To find out more about our cut and butt benchtops, check out our how to cut and butt video below.