Interiors Addict x kaboodle kitchen

want to use cabinetry to create a feature in your living room and a stunning laundry to match? See how Jen Bishop from Interiors Addict did just that!

We recently collaborated with home interiors enthusiast Jen Bishop, from renowned Interior design blog Interiors Addict, to create a gorgeous run of cabinetry in her living room, as well as a stylish laundry creating a cohesive look and feel throughout her home.

Image credit: Jacqui Turk

Let’s start with the living room…

Jen wanted to update the storage in her living room, creating a space that not only looked great, but was functional - hiding all those ugly (but necessary) cords.

“There’s a reason I never showed the room from that particular angle - it was never ever quite right as I hate messy cables on show and the often-cluttered look of an entertainment unit. That’s all changed now with this amazing built-in, which we did on relative budget.” – Jen Bishop

Image credit: Jacqui Turk

For the cabinetry, Jen opted for a pop of colour with our navy bluepea base cabinets and chose our alpine profile to achieve that sought after shaker style! She also went with push to open hinges to create a more streamlined look. 

“I’d been on the Kaboodle 3D planner online to work out which combination of cabinets would fit the 3-metre wall as neatly as possible to create that custom look. Luckily for me, this worked out so well using two different cabinet sizes! We did think about using less deep wall cabinets instead but as we had plenty of space here, we decided to use the deeper cabinets to maximise storage.” - said Jen

Image credit: Jacqui Turk

To make the cabinetry look less ‘kitcheny’ in the context of the living room, Jen cleverly opted out off using a kickboard, allowing the cabinetry to sit low on the flooring, acting as more of a buffet /entertainment unit.

“It just looks and functions great! And this room is finally good from all angles. Not to mention, that navy!” – Jen Bishop.

Now, let’s move onto the laundry…

Prior to renovating, Jen’s laundry was small, dated and dysfunctional – not ideal, especially when you have a family of four. After updating other areas of her house, Jen decided it was probably time to give the laundry some attention, so she embarked on a transformation!

laundry before image credit: @interiorsaddict

“I have been known to exaggerate on occasion but this time? No, it really was awful! And not only awful but also tiny (about 2.5 x 1.5m).”- Jen Bishop

Jen designed the space in our online 3D kaboodle planner. Choosing to include only one wall cabinet was a tough decision but it allowed for natural light to flow into the space, making it feel more open – which is something you can’t compromise on when working with a small area.

“Planning the layout using the online 3D kitchen planner was a breeze, even for an amateur like me! Although we only have two cabinets in total (one on the wall and one under the sink), it’s plenty of storage for laundry detergent and other cleaning materials I need to keep up high, away from Charlie.” – Jen Bishop

Image credit: Jacqui Turk

Taking the colour palette from her living room into the laundry, Jen opted for our navy bluepea doors and panels in the alpine profile for this space too. Carrying the colour palette between the two rooms provided a visual connection between the spaces, making the design choice purposeful and considered.

design hack: Jen decided to use bluepea end panels in between the washer and dryer and on the far right wall to create a more custom look!

Jen now leaves the barn door to the laundry open all the time - she loves the pop of navy that shines through and she might even start doing the laundry!

Image credit: Jacqui Turk

“The new laundry is small but she is mighty! I absolutely love the look but it’s also super practical for such a small space. We’re absolutely thrilled with the smallest room in the house now. I might even start doing some of the laundry…”

So, there you have it, Jen Bishop’s savvy living room storage solution and stylish laundry transformation using our bluepea cabinetry! For more inspiration and ideas, visit our design blog or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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