indulge with the decadent colour palette of paprika and candy floss

Introducing indulge – create a visual wonderland with the rich hues of paprika and whimsical tones of candy floss.

As we spread our wings and venture abroad once more, inspiration cultivated from international travel will heavily influence the materials, colours and patterns used throughout our home. We are yearning for a sense of nostalgia, looking for ways to go back in time to experience different cultures and lifestyles. Indulge is all about creating interiors that are distinctive, emulating a sense of opulence and charm, inspired by a European lifestyle.

The Indulge colour palette is rich and decadent. Pairing paprika with the soft pink tones of candy floss provide a welcome contrast and bring in a sense of sophistication to the space. The navy wall pops against the burgundy base cabinets and marble-look benchtops help to give the space a feeling of luxury. Aged brass antique bow handles tie everything together, bringing some old school glamour to the space!

This trend is all about reflecting on indulgent experiences and finding ways to bring little luxuries into our interiors. This could be purchasing a beautiful bunch of flowers, baking a decadent cake or incorporating colours and finishes in our homes that make us feel special.


candy floss

Yearning for a sense of nostalgia? Incorporating this soft pink tone will allow you to travel back in time, embracing a carefree and whimsical aesthetic with endless possibilities. Candy Floss will pair beautifully with stone-look benchtops and matt-black or brushed chrome hardware. Candy floss is a muted, soft pink that is very close to off white, so it’s the perfect hue to incorporate into your space if you want to include colour but not go too bold.


Want to embrace colour in your home? Why not make your kitchen a talking point. This rich burgundy red hue will add a sense of European opulence. Paprika is a complex colourway that pairs well with timber or stone-look benchtops and will create a sense of luxury when matched with brushed brass or gold hardware. Paprika’s strong burgundy tone certainly makes a statement but it has timeless appeal.

To bring the indulge trend to life, we collaborated with Interior Designer and travel blogger Jono Fleming. He provided his expert opinion on colour pairings, kitchen design and styling.

“I love that this trend is all about embracing glamour, while also reminiscing and identifying our desire for nostalgia.” Says Jono.

Let your imagination take flight as you embark on a journey of interior indulgence, where the world's colours and cultures merge to create a place of warmth, charm, and unparalleled elegance. We want to create interiors that are distinctive, emulating a sense of opulence and charm. Incorporating the rich hues of paprika and the whimsical tones of candy floss allow us to embrace old school charm and create a visual wonderland. 

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