how to: Install LED lighting under-cabinet lighting

Combine practically and aesthetics with the under-cabinet LED lighting.

Have you ever been in the kitchen chopping ingredients for dinner or washing a pot wishing you had a little extra light to see what you were doing? While overhead lighting and statement pedants look great, they don’t always provide enough illumination where you need it the most and your body can end up blocking much of the light you need when preparing meals.

The solution? Under-cabinet LED lighting!*

pictured are our under-cabinet LED lighting panels installed under a floating shelf created with kaboodle american oak benchtop off-cuts.**

Available in 400mm, 450mm, 600mm and 900mm panels; you can use just one, or connect multiple for a continuous row of light with the simple daisy-chain connection system that makes installation a breeze.

Under-cabinet LED lighting not only allows you to navigate your kitchen safely, but also provides warmth and elegant ambience to a room when you don’t want the entire space illuminated.

They’re also a game changer for a home office or study nook if you don’t have enough room for a table top lamp.

Watch our step-by-step installation video below and download the full instructions here.**

We hope you we’ve inspired you to elevate your kitchen or study with under-cabinet LED lighting - a quick and easy DIY task that’s practical and beautiful! For more ideas and inspiration, visit our design blog or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

*Kaboodle under-cabinet LED lighting is available in all Australian states, excluding WA.

**Please note that although installation video and instructions are for install under a cabinet, there are no major differences when installing under a benchtop. We suggest keeping your transformer hidden near your power supply, and hiding your power lead as best as possible which will be dependent on the design of space.