how to: create a potting desk

Are you a DIY enthusiast that also loves potting around in the garden? In this hack, we’ll show you how to create a stylish and functional potting desk with kaboodle product.

If you’re wanting to get serious about gardening and really up your game, it’s about time you get a potting desk, or even better yet, make one yourself - every good gardener needs one! It provides a dedicated area where you can pot plants, herbs and store all your gardening essentials.

Not only is a potting desk practical (say goodbye to getting a sore back from hunching) but they can also be used to showcase your potted treasures. You can even make a habit out of changing up your plants or herbs seasonally…basil in the summer and tulips in the spring – it can make for a wholesome hobby, while also being calming and therapeutic.

kaboodle products you’ll need to complete the project include:

Check out our how-to video below for more information around how you can create a potting desk of your own, all from the comfort of your home using kaboodle products.

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