how to choose the perfect colour for your dream kitchen

Picking the right colour scheme plays a huge part in creating your dream kitchen!

When choosing the perfect hue for you, consider what overall theme or look you’re wanting to achieve.

  • Are you hoping for a fresh and bright kitchen, a warm and traditional atmosphere or an elegant and contemporary space?

  • Does the rest of your house have a particular style that you’d like to bring forward into your kitchen?

  • What does your kitchen flooring, features and furniture look like, and what colours would best complement these?

In the past, bright white has been the go-to shade for kitchens however these days – almost anything goes, so let your inner-designer go wild!

To start you on your colour journey, here are a few of the top colour trends across the globe today:

Grey based

Simple, classic and easily partnered with other colours or patterns, grey is a chameleon, changing tone amongst its surroundings. When done correctly grey can be warm and creamy, elegant and stylish, and work well in any style of kitchen whether it be modern and contemporary or traditional and country themed.

A light, creamy grey is a fantastic neutral option. Try an earth based tone which is reminiscent of the kind of hues you’d find in natural resources. Portacini, one of our European thermoformed options, is a great example of this.

Or for a bolder look, dark charcoal grey, such as our gloss thermoformed Charcola or premium melamine Quintil, is another hugely popular tone.  


Woodgrains are hugely popular in kitchens at the moment and the trend is continuing to grow. The biggest and most important requirement is that they’re naturalistic and tactile – the timber doesn’t need to be authentic, but it should look and feel like it is.

The texture of the wood is almost as important as the actual colour in fact. Our European thermoformed woodgrains: Spiced Oak and Black Forest are heavily textured and capture this requirement by adding a naturalistic feeling to the colour. The trend leans toward grey based timbers – red and orange based timbers have been left behind us to make way for more stripped back neutral or deep brown shades.

Try combining your woodgrain with a solid white or neutral for a fresh, bright look.

Blues and Greens

Blues and greens are emerging as popular feature colours, either as accent shades or through subtle undertones.

Play around with different ends of the colour spectrum. Try milky, dusky versions of the either colour for a cool and calming feel; or try dark, deep jewel tones for a richer look. With our ‘Paint Your Own Doors’ offer, you can pick any colour you wish and achieve the exact shade you are looking for!

A5 Colour swatches are available to purchase at your local Bunnings store, allowing you to take the colour home and experiment with different combinations to check how they work in your home.

For more tips, ideas and inspiration, check out our gallery and blog to see how others have experimented with these colours and more.