how to care for your timber kitchen benchtop

All natural timber benchtops will wear over time, it’s part of their beauty and ads character to an interior. Read kaboodle's top tips to ensure you get longevity out of this gorgeous material.

All timber benchtops will wear over time, but with a bit of TLC every couple of years and following some simple care and maintenance tips, you can make sure your benchtop maintains its natural charm for years to come!   

image source @bruny_pines_shack featuring our hevea benchtops

keep them sealed

Generally, a timber benchtop should be resealed every two years or sooner, depending on the amount of wear. Resealing timber benchtops ensures they remain resistant to moisture and stains as well as making them easier to clean.

image source @josie_chookie featuring our hevea benchtops

minimise/avoid heat effects

Steam and heat must be avoided as much as possible. Heat marks can burn timber and melt away coating, which leaves it vulnerable to further damage and moisture. Be mindful of steam coming from kitchen ovens and dishwashers and any other sources of heat.

wipe up spills

Timber benchtops are susceptible to staining from a variety of domestic products. Wipe up any mess immediately to reduce the damage of the actual coating or sealant.

image source @bruny_pines_shack featuring our hevea benchtops

repair damage

The beauty about timber is that it can be repaired and restored. If a timber benchtop is damaged and you are not after the “lived in” look adding to the authentic appeal of timber, there are ways to restore the quality and extend longevity.

For oiled benchtops, it’s as simple as sanding it back and re-oiling. The entire benchtop should be done, not just where the damage is. We recommend seeking professional assistance for polyurethane and coated benchtops.

So, there you have it, our top tips on how to care for and maintain your timber benchtops!

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