get the perfect fit with kaboodle

getting that perfect fit in your kitchen is now a whole lot easier, thanks to our customisable service!

Perfectly sized kitchen utilising kaboodle's customisable service

Generally, when you think of DIY projects you think of flatpack, modular systems. And while this is still true, we’ve come up with an offer that gives you more flexibility to create that perfect fit in your kitchen! The solution is our smart customisable service.

But first, before we explain what customisable is, we need to tell you about our modular offer. Our modular range consists of cabinets, doors and panels and benchtops. Most of our modular cabinets are available off-the-shelf and come in standard sizes ranging from 150mm – 1000mm, designed to fit into most spaces.

Okay, so, what is our customisable offer?
Our customisable offer allows us to manufacture selected cabinets, doors and panels, as well as benchtops to the exact width you need to fit your kitchen space perfectly. This means you’re still getting the look and fit of a custom kitchen without the price tag! 

Plus, you can create an elegant, designer looking kitchen, without compromise! You’ll get the most of your storage space (because you won’t need any filler panels) and you can use large panels to reduce the number of visible joins in your kitchen (for example, you can order a large multipurpose panel to the exact width you need to go onto the back of an island bench). Basically, the kaboodle customisable service gives you a DIY flatpack kitchen that’s modified to suit your exact width requirements so you can create a design-savvy space and get a finished look for a fraction of the cost, it’s a win-win! 

And what’s more, our customisable offer is now available across all doors and panels, in a modern profile, or our j-pull profile! And if that’s not enough excitement for you, all of our customisable products are cut and finished right here in Melbourne, Australia.

So, how do I get the perfect fit in my kitchen?
I’m so glad you finally asked! Now you understand the customisable program, achieving the perfect fit in your kitchen is now super easy! Use our modular products to fill most of your kitchen, then, if you have some extra space to fill and you can’t find a modular cabinet to fit, you can order customisable cabinets and doors that will be manufactured to your desired widths. Finish off your kitchen with either our modular or customisable benchtops and hey-presto you have a flush, designer look kitchen!

How do I order customisable products?
Our customisable range can be ordered via Bunnings In-Home Consultants and kitchen experts in-store.

So now you know how to achieve the perfect fit in your kitchen, start your DIY project today!