embrace a zen home with edamame and walnut

Introducing embrace – create your own personal sanctuary and bring the outside in, with the calming hues of edamame and grounding texture in walnut.

Influenced by a desire to embrace positivity in all aspects of our lives, we’ve seen an increase in self-care rituals, leading to a heightened sense of self. This is reflected through our interiors to create a soothing, warm, and supportive home. The calming tones of edamame and cosy textures of walnut create an environment that is both nurturing and inviting, inspired by the Japanese way of life.

The embrace trend encapsulates calm and serenity – encouraging a more mindful approach to living. The trend is brought to life with two colours in the range; edamame and walnut. This pairing is all about bringing the outside in; creating your own personal sanctuary. 

Reflecting on the Zen gardens of Japan, we can emulate nature, bringing the outside in through the colours, materials and textures we use in our interiors. This can help us gain similar emotional and psychological benefits we would when amongst nature.  


Create your own personal sanctuary with this muted green hue. When paired with clean lines, timber-tones and minimal styling, edamame will emulate a sense of Zen and calm within the home. This colour will pair seamlessly with timber or stone-look benchtops and matt black or brushed brass handles for an urban oasis.


Create a sense of being grounded and be transported to the Rocky Mountains of North America. It's rich texture and warm woodgrain will inspire an aesthetic that’s welcoming but not overwhelming – encouraging slower paced living.  Walnut will pair seamlessly with whites, greens, and blacks, as well as subtle stone-look and solid colour benchtops.

There’s an element of tranquillity and softness to embrace which thrives on natural materiality and sings when styled with timber and ceramic elements. Our concrete-look benchtops adds a grounding to the space, whilst the navy finger tiles add tactility and texture.

To bring the embrace trend to life, we collaborated with Interior Designer and travel blogger Jono Fleming. He provided his expert opinion on colour pairings, kitchen design layout and styling.

“Embrace is a really timeless trend and I don’t see this changing. We want to move away from hustle culture and take steps towards creating a more balanced life, so incorporating the colours, materials and textures of embrace will only help you manifest this lifestyle,” says Jono.

Learn more about the embrace trend below.

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