do we make custom cabinets or supply special sized doors?

Learn more about our cabinet and door sizing.

We are frequently asked by customers "do you supply custom cabinets or door sizes? I have a cabinet I'd like to put a special door onto."

The answer is yes, yes we do, although we prefer to use the term cut to measure. Our smart cut to measure offer allows you to modify the widths of selected cabinets, doors and panels to achieve a flush, elegant look in your kitchen. Our cut to measure program is also extended to selected benchtops.

But don’t get us wrong, our modular cabinets, doors and panels are still the star of the show and are available in a huge variety of standard sizes, designed to fit most common spaces. However, there are some cases where a modular cabinet cannot fit and this is where the magical combination of modular and cut to measure comes together. Combining both modular and cut to measure cabinets will allow you to achieve a perfect fit in your kitchen, minimising dead space and maximising overall functionality. Start your kitchen design by using our modular cabinets, these cabinets will create the heart and soul of your kitchen, once you’ve done this you can then use our cut to measure cabinets to fill in any odd spaces.

We're certain you'll be able to make use of these offers to find the perfect configuration for your specific area.