consideration for major structural changes

Your new design may call for major structural changes to your home. Read our guide below to help you out.

Knocking down a wall isn’t as easy as it sounds… especially when major structural changes are involved.

The first thing you need to do is find out whether the wall is load-bearing which means it is  supporting elements such as another wall or ceiling. Please contact a registered builder for advice on determining this factor as it plays a key part in the scope of works required to remove your wall.

If the wall is load-bearing then some sort of support system will have to be installed whether it’s a beam below the ceiling line or inside the roof. This is where a qualified engineer comes into the mix. An engineer will give you expert advice and design any structural beams to support the roof or ceiling above.

If the wall is an internal non load-bearing wall, it can be removed without the help of an engineer which will save you time and money. You’ll still have to call upon a qualified tradesman for assistance with the wall removal and patching plaster.

Other things to consider before making any structural changes

  • Whether or not you can match the floor finishing on either side of the wall that’s being knocked down, i.e. if you have tiles on one side of the wall and carpet on the other, can you find the same tiles to lay out where the strip of wall used to be?

  • If the wall is load-bearing, do you have the funds for an engineering design and tradesman installation?

  • Are you prepared to live in the house while the structural changes are being made?

  • If the wall contains any existing light switches or powerpoints then an electrician will also need to be contacted.