choosing the right kitchen sink cupboard

If you’ve already purchased a sink or are in the process of selecting a new sink for your kitchen then it’s important to make note of a few factors.

Choosing the right cabinet for your sink.

Firstly, decide on where you want to place your sink. Sinks can be placed throughout your kitchen whether it be beside a window, on an island, or even in a corner against the wall. If you have existing plumbing then you might want to keep the sink close by to avoid any unnecessary expenses that come along with relocating plumbing.

Once you’ve decided on a location, start having a look at the different types of sink designs if you haven’t already and make note of the width of the cabinet you’ve chosen for your sink to fit into. You’ll be able to compare this to the width of the sink you decide on. Your sink should be positioned over an adequately sized cupboard. You'll also need to allow enough room for the bowls of the sink to fit into your cabinet alongside any plumbing pipes. Kitchen sink cupboards with plenty of storage help you keep your space organised. So installing cupboards underneath your kitchen sink is an effective method to optimise your space in the kitchen.

If you’ve chosen a sink with a drying rack, don’t worry too much about fitting this into the same cabinet. The drying rack can be fitted onto a cabinet beside your sink cabinet. Just make sure you’ve allocated enough clearance and don’t install your sink on the edge of an island. Give yourself enough space on either side of the sink.  

Note: cabinets should not be cut to allow for sink bowls as this will compromise their structural integrity.