celebrate life with vibrant mostaza

Introducing celebrate - evoke a sense of festivity and bring the aromas of travel and new experiences into your home with vibrant mostaza.

Looking towards the future with optimism, vibrant colourways are being used to encourage a fun and elated mood, helping us celebrate all the worldly experiences we cherish. The lively tones of mostaza will help unlock our desire for exploration, creating an exciting environment that’s full of visual flavour, reminiscent of a bustling street market in South America. This trend is all about celebrating life; whether it be through foreign cuisine or with loved ones at home.

The magic of the celebrate trend is how it brightens and brings life to any space, injecting personality and vibrancy into the home. Mostaza is a strong mustard yellow and can be used on mass for maximum effect, however it also acts really well as a feature colour. The celebrate kitchen serves as a captivating canvas for creating cherished memories and celebrating life's precious moments.

The real secret of mostaza is how well it pairs with other bold and bright hues. No matter what colour of decor or accessories you have in your kitchen, the yellow thrives with a more is more attitude when it comes to boldness. The balance of the white, yellow and pops of vibrant colour is a visual feast, bringing a sense of festivity.


Evoke a sense of exploration and bring the aromas of travel and new experiences into your home. This shade of mustard yellow will transport you to the culturally rich street markets of South America, where flavours are vibrant and our senses are overloaded with lively ambience.

We love when a party centres around the kitchen island, this kitchen is the perfect excuse to create your favourite cocktail and celebrate with family and friends. Get the celebrate look with the alluring yellow of mostaza, stone look calcutta gloss benchtop, white cali handles and matching splashback. Celebrate the natural joy of your surroundings by incorporating lively greenery, colourful styling details and textural elements that provide visual flavour.


To bring the indulge trend to life, we collaborated with Interior Designer and travel blogger Jono Fleming. He provided his expert opinion on colour pairings, kitchen design and styling.

I love how bold and vibrant celebrate is, it reminds me of sunshine and just makes me happy. I also love that we have been bold and leaned in to the trend of colour drenching within the bar area,”  says Jono.

This trend is all about mixing textures and materials to create a sensory overload! Jono effortlessly blends matte cabinetry with handcrafted gloss tiles, infusing the kitchen with a delightful play of tactile elements. Jono introduces a touch of warmth by incorporating a timber island bench, adding an inviting ambience to the space. To further emphasise contrast and visual appeal, a stone-look benchtop is thoughtfully chosen for the remaining kitchen surfaces. The bar nooks splashback tiles perfectly harmonise with the cabinetry, creating an immersive colourway zone that captivates anyone who enters.

Learn more about the celebrate trend below.

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