can you hack it?

Add a touch of flair to your home with these functional and trendy DIY design hacks!

Want to add design features to your kitchen, but don’t know where to start? We have come up with a few DIY hacks so you can create beautiful and functional features at home. Read on to get up to speed on these handy ideas.

Hack One: Island Extension

A big trend straight from Europe is the layering of benchtops. These can either be layered in a table formation or as an island extension. Try mixing timbers into a design that features solid colours to add texture, warmth and design flair.  

Island benchtop extension

What You Need?

  • 1x vic ash benchtop

  • 50mm screws

  • Wood glue

How to hack It? Check out our island extension step-by-step guide for all the details.

Hack Two: Open Shelving Between Drawers

Open shelves can be made at any size with some clever thinking outside the box (literally)! You can adapt this design to the size you need, or install them between drawer cabinets as we’ve done! 

Open shelving between drawers

What You Need?

  • Double-sided multi-purpose panels

  • 2x 1 Drawer Cabinets

How to hack It? Check out our open shelving step-by-step guide.

Hack Three: Inset Cabinets

Inset cabinets are a hot trend right now, adding depth and layering to kitchen designs. 

Inset cabinets

What You Need?

  • Slimline Cabinets

  • Double-sided multi-purpose panels cut to your desired depth and length in your choice of colour

  • Doors and handles to your taste

  • End panels (if required)

Follow these easy steps to design a kitchen with this trendy wall cabinet feature.