build your own wardrobes with our kitchen pantry cabinets!

Last year, we joined forces with Geneva Vanderzeil, founder of Collective Gen, who created these stunning wardrobes from our…wait for it… kitchen pantry cabinets!

Pantry cabinets in the bedroom? Why not!  Geneva wanted her DIY wardrobes to have a mid-century vintage feel. So to perfect this look, she opted for our pantry cabinets with our paint your own doors in a modern profile to warm up the space and add some character. What she has created did just that. 

Picture by Collective Gen

“To give these kitchen cabinets a mid-century feel, we used turned wooden legs and bowl knobs to finish the look. And to give the raw board doors a warm wood tone, we simply used a coat of clear gloss. Such simple updates that make a huge impact!” - Geneva

Cabinetry can often be a huge expense but our pantry cabinets allow you to get the look for less, without compromising on quality, function or style – yes please! And with the option to use our paint your own doors range, you can choose the exact colour or coat to suit your interior palette.  They’re available in all profiles too, so you can take your pick from modern, alpine, country or heritage. 

“Kaboodle cabinets are the perfect size for using as wardrobes, and can be easily updated to create any look you like. The door profiles are perfect for creating a range of different design styles, and the paint your own option means you can match the style perfectly to your own tastes.” – Geneva

Picture by Collective Gen

So, how can you get this look at home…?

It’s simple, all you need to do is visit your local Bunnings store and purchase the below items:

  1. Kaboodle pantry cabinet bases (in this case, Geneva used three pantry cabinet units per wardrobe).

  2. Two Kaboodle doors per unit (in this case, Geneva used six pantry doors).

  3. You might also want to purchase some wardrobe accessories, such as clothing rails, basket drawers, shelves and door handles.

To discover more about how Geneva achieved this look in her home, check out her renovation reveal!