behind the scenes – Spoonful of Sarah x kaboodle

Come behind the scenes as we chat to Sarah and Nic Davidson about their kitchen renovation, from inspiration through to the finished space.

Sarah and Nic always planned on doing a full cosmetic renovation before they moved into their outdated 1990s home, and it’s great to hear how kaboodle gave them confidence to take on a more substantial kitchen renovation

“We bought our house almost exactly as it was when it was first built in the 1990s and, while it has incredibly good bones so needed no structural changes, the aesthetic was quite outdated. Initially, we were just going to respray the cabinetry and update the benchtop, but then we discovered kaboodle kitchen and our plans changed!!”

What was initially thought to be a short-term home, is transforming into the growing family’s first family home.

“We definitely plan to be here longer term – we’ve really made it into a home and cannot wait to welcome our first bub in a few months. I think we probably had shorter term plans when we initially bought it, not realising how much we’d be able to transform it through the renovations and make it our own. But now, it’s our first family home and I think we’ll be here a while”, says Sarah.

With a timeless aesthetic in mind, Sarah and Nic opted for a neutral colour palette that would blend seamlessly into their living area and could be dressed up with décor. They decided on macaroon doors and panels in a modern profile paired with tapioca benchtops for a hint of texture and warmth. Salento worn gold handles elevated the final look. This way, Sarah and Nic can make their kitchen area their own whilst they live there and still remain confident that their kitchen will appeal to all and won’t date if they decide to sell in the future.

“We wanted to keep the base colours of most parts of the house quite neutral, because it’s so classic and timeless. As tempting as it is to make a big, bold statement, we do plan to be here a while and I think you can also make seasonal, colourful statements with décor and plants or florals rather than in your structural furniture. I love that the benchtop has a little bit of texture to give it some depth and warmth, but it’s still neutral enough not to date and to match with whatever you dress the kitchen and adjoining living area with”, says Sarah.

With so many decisions to make and keep track of during a renovation, Nic and Sarah found that the 3D kaboodle planner was the perfect way to envision their space.

“One of the most overwhelming parts of renovating is having so much choice and decision fatigue is a real thing! It’s also so difficult to actually envision the surfaces or configurations you’re looking at in a real-life setting, so having the 3D kaboodle planner to bring your ideas to life made the entire process so much easier. It saved so much time and angst, allowing us to really get excited about what the possibilities were,” says Sarah.

Kaboodle’s easy-to-follow instructions gave Nic the DIY confidence to take care of the assembly and installation of their kaboodle cabinets. They’ve even opted for kaboodle cabinets across their whole home!

“From a Kaboodle perspective, it was such an easy-to-follow, intuitive process to assemble all the cabinetry – so much so that we have gone on to use kaboodle cabinets for not only our kitchen but also in our laundry, walk in wardrobe, and our TV cabinet as well,” explains Sarah.

A well designed and beautiful kaboodle kitchen can do wonders to transform your life at home and see you enjoying time in your kitchen again. Sarah loves how her kitchen is now a space for connection with family and has reignited her love for cooking.

“We haven’t had a beautiful, well organised kitchen in over a decade, which really does take the joy out of cooking or spending time in the kitchen. Now, it’s the hub of the house! We love cooking together, eating up at the benchtop when we’re having a more casual meal and just pottering around in the space. It’s transformed my personal relationship with cooking – I’ve rediscovered my love of just getting lost in the kitchen!”, says Sarah.

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