behind the scenes - provincial farm touch

Alicia recently completed a kitchen renovation using kaboodle products and was kind enough to share her experience. From the inspiration behind her design choices to the assembly process, Alicia @provincialfarmtouch shares her journey in creating her beautiful farmhouse-style kitchen.

why kaboodle?

“I wanted a modern American farmhouse look and the colour range available caught my attention," says Alicia. "I have built over 15 kitchens and kaboodle's solid back on the cabinets is what sold me. Also, the availability of sizes plus customisation if needed."

design choices

Alicia selected kaleo doors and panels and hickory maple benchtops to achieve the modern American farmhouse kitchen style she was going for.

"Kaleo gave me the desired look of modern American farmhouse at a reasonable price, but also the opportunity for myself to build/install. The kaleo colour was the perfect shade to allow me to add in timber elements, and this is why I went with the hickory maple benchtops. Both colours mix well with my recycled timber island" says Alicia

on bench pantry

Alicia's on bench pantry was created by stacking wall cabinets on top of each other.

“I stacked them directly onto the benchtop and each other. I screwed the base cabinets to the bench and each other. I raised all doors by 5mm to allow for clearance for the door across the benchtop," explains Alicia.

rangehood feature

The rangehood feature in Alicia's kitchen was created using a fridge wall cabinet and some advanced DIY skills, if you are a first time DIYer you may need to seek some assistance from a professional.

"I used a fridge wall cabinet and cut out the bottom to install the pull-out range hood. I then framed around the cabinet, added ply, and timber trim for detail. I created the design as I went and attached a timber front to the rangehood," says Alicia.

using the 3D kaboodle planner

Alicia loved how easy it was to use the 3D kaboodle planner, saying

"It gave me the visual I needed for the space and allowed me to do exactly what I wanted."

The planner helped her visualise the kitchen renovation, making the process smoother and provided reassurance that she would be able to bring her vision to life. 

assembly process

Alicia built and installed the entire kitchen herself, she found the assembly process to be simple and straightforward. She was impressed with the quality of the products and the ease of assembly, making it a great choice for anyone looking to tackle a kitchen renovation project on their own.

would she recommend kaboodle?

A resounding "yes!" was Alicia's answer when asked if she would recommend kaboodle to friends and family. She was impressed with the entire process and the end result, and many of her friends and family have already started using kaboodle for their own renovation projects. Alicia's kitchen renovation has not only transformed the look of her space but has also changed the way she uses it. The large scale of the kitchen makes it a great gathering place for her family and friends, and the mix of colour and timber elements create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it a space she is proud to show off to her loved ones.

It's safe to say that Alicia's kitchen renovation journey was a success. Her desire for a modern American farmhouse kitchen was achieved with the help of versatile products, allowing her to customise and install the kitchen to her liking. The 3D kaboodle planner helped her to visualise the space and play with different layout options and styles, and the assembly process was fairly straightforward too. Alicia’s final kitchen is a beautiful reflection of her vision and hard work!