behind the scenes - moss moment

Come behind the scenes of our latest inspiration gallery, moss moment, as we speak to homeowner, Shaun, about how he transformed his dining, living and home office spaces with kaboodle.

Located in Clayton South, Victoria, Shaun and wife Katy decided it was time to upgrade their living spaces featuring a seamless feel throughout, making their first house feel like a home. They’ve transformed their home office, lounge room and dining space even creating a kaboodle dining table for the ultimate cohesive feel!

“We bought our house a year ago as a blank slate essentially, with the intention of designing storage options that could showcase a clean modern Scandi look, with a focus on timber and ease of construction. I wanted a solution that was modular, that could run throughout the home as one cohesive look", says Shaun.

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We asked Shaun if he and Katy intend for this to be their forever home or if they see it as an opportunity to invest in their home for later down the track. 

“A little bit of both actually. This is our first home and we’ve definitely found something we feel very happy in for a good period of time, hence the reason to invest and personalise the space, making the house a “home”. However, our choice of design and colour was very deliberate to suit a sales market if we ever sell.”

Choosing from a huge range of kaboodle colours Shaun and Katy opted for a light bright scandi look! Featuring sea salt doors and panels paired with natural timber american oak benchtops and pasto matt black handles to finish. The use of all quick delivery products meant that they didn’t have to wait long to get started on this extensive DIY project.

“We opted for a minimalistic colour scheme and natural hardwood timber for a couple of reasons. Firstly, to show off the custom joinery in the American Oak used throughout the home as our hero piece. Sea Salt doors would be a neutral combination that would both suit a wide audience if we ever sold the home, and the product itself is well stocked and easy to have supplied in the time frame we had to build.”

The kaboodle 3D planner is a real asset when it comes to planning, as you can really visualise how kaboodle will work in your space! Shaun and Katy utilised the styling feature to their full advantage to visualise how the spaces come together.

“Using the 3D planner and Pinterest was essential to outline what we could do with the space we had. It allowed us to easily visualise and plan a number of options for the space utilising various product combinations before settling on one cohesive design. At the end of the day, I could output a product list with ease to finalise my order.”

Shaun took on the huge responsibility of a DIY installation including incorporating custom components in every space! They even had some extra hands on deck with Shaun’s dad flying in from Perth to assist with the installation and Porta Timber wall finishes.

“Cabinets, doors, hinges, handles and kickboards were all a breeze to put together. Once we had experience doing one, we could roll that into the next product. Making the decision to go with metal-sided drawers also paid off in the end, providing both a better-quality result and a much easier installation for storage. The timber benchtops were more intensive to work with purely because we treated them as raw materials to build custom joinery. But with a little skill and the right tools, anyone could replicate the process.”

We asked Shaun if he would do this whole process over again and recommend it to family and friends...  

“Yes absolutely. I honestly feel the products themselves are of great quality for their price point to the DIY consumer. Having the 3D planner is also a game changer to visualise and create a solution right from your home office.”

Now that the living, dining and home office are complete and ready to show off to family and friends, we asked how it has changed the way they use these spaces. We think the dining area is perfect for hosting a dinner party to thank Shaun’s dad for helping with the installation!

“We love the space more and more, and sharing it with family and friends becomes an instant talking point. It’s not just a piece of mass-produced furniture, each solution is something we designed and created for our needs and likes. I love the thought of having real timber in the home, reflecting on great memories designing and building each piece with my family.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about Shaun’s kaboodle transformation journey! You can view the moss moment gallery here. For more inspiration and ideas to create your kitchen, your way™, visit our design blog or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.