behind the scenes – Jack Riewoldt renovates his holiday home in Tasmania

Hear from footy legend Jack Riewoldt, as he walks us through his whole of home renovation with kaboodle, from planning all the way through to the finished space!

Footy legend, Jack Riewoldt, recently purchased a house in the stunning East Coast of Tasmania with the hope of transforming it into a relaxing spot for retirement and ultimate holiday home for his family to enjoy for years to come.

“We recently purchased a small shack in the East Coast of Tasmania that was the ideal size for a retiring couple. The dream for us is to have a place to create memories for our kids in Tasmania, and allows is to entertain our friends while showing off where we are from.”

To turn these dreams into reality, Jack always planned on renovating. Creating a kitchen fit for holiday entertaining was a priority.

“The best place to entertain people is the kitchen. Hence why we poured so much time and effort into it. Our Shack will be a place that we spend majority of our holidays at. I’ve used kaboodle in the past and was really impressed with the results, so it was a no brainer to use them again when we decided to renovate.”

Jack found the 3D kaboodle planner to be a great visualisation tool that allowed him to try out different kaboodle products with the click of a button.

“Using the 3D kaboodle planner, we were able to get a great view as to what our cabinetry was going to look like in-situ. It also allowed us to test the whole kaboodle range and find the exact product we were after.”

Watch as Jack talks us through the vision he has for his modern coastal holiday home.

Jack and his wife Carly wanted their holiday home to seamlessly connect with the surrounding coastal landscape. They achieved this by selecting products with similar tones and textures. They chose hazelnut and feta whip v doors and panels. Hazelnut mimicked the textural element of coastal drift wood while the clean hue of feta whip v embodied the crispness of the fresh coastal air. Curved timber accents were used to encase the rangehood and create a statement kitchen island that helped make the space feel even more natural and provide a sense of calm.

“The reason we chose hazelnut and feta whip v as the main cabinetry colour throughout our home is that it provided a great connection between the already existing elements of our property and the beach location where the house is situated.”

Did you know kaboodle products can be used just about anywhere in the home? Jack also used kaboodle to create a small but functional laundry, a bench seat that doubles as hidden storage using our 1 drawer base cabinets in the mud area and lounge for a cosy reading spot, and even created wardrobes in the bedroom using two 900mm pantry cabinets! By using the same hazelnut and feta whip v colour palette create flow and cohesion.

The possibilities are endless!

With the help of kaboodle’s clear cabinet assembly instructions, Jack found the process of assembling his kaboodle cabinetry straightforward, with the help of our clear installation instructions.

“Assembling our product was easy to do. Even a retired footballer managed to put them together. You don’t need to be an expert to follow kaboodle’s assembly instructions. Once you’ve built once cabinet, the rest are a piece of cake.”

Now watch Jack’s vision come to life as he begins installation!

We love that kaboodle has helped create a space for Jack and his family to connect and enjoy during family holidays for years to come.

“Our new kitchen at our shack is the centre piece for our family holidays. It’s functional and looks fantastic. It really is the heart of our home.”

And it’s great to hear that Jack enjoyed tackling his renovation with kaboodle.

“Using kaboodle ticked so many boxes for us. We couldn’t speak more highly of the design process and easy install guides. I would highly recommend kaboodle to anyone who was looking to install cabinetry in their own property. The fact that kaboodle is so competitive on pricing was just a bonus."

Sit back and take in the relaxing atmosphere that Jack has achieved in his coastal retreat.

If Jack’s modern coastal holiday home reno has inspired you to get started on your own project, check out our mykaboodle project tracker that will help guide you through the process. For more inspiration and ideas, visit our design blog or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.