behind the scenes - burst of beauty

Come behind the scenes of our latest inspiration gallery, burst of beauty, as we speak to homeowner Elise to find out more about her kitchen transformation.

Come behind the scenes of our latest inspiration gallery, burst of beauty, as we speak to homeowner Elise to find out more about her kitchen transformation.

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Located in Aspendale Gardens, Victoria, Elise decided it was time to give her 80’s kitchen a well-deserved facelift with a kitchen transformation! The kitchen renovation has brought new life into their home and created a modern industrial inspired look.

“Built in the 80’s and not really touched since there were a lot of aging elements in the kitchen and although the layout was good it really needed a decent facelift.” Says Elise

When we asked Elise if this home was intended to be an investment property or their forever home it seems plans have adapted to changes over the years and they’ve chosen to embrace their home and make it their own.

“When my husband and I first got together I think we thought one day we would move into a renovated pad on the beach, however…. Reality, two kids and one pandemic later and plans changed. We love our home, it has some really interesting features, so we decided to embrace the space and renovate instead.” Explains Elise

The colour palette that Elise has chosen to refresh her kitchen with provides a sophisticated edge with matte grey chia pudding doors and panels and american oak benchtops that provide another level of warmth to the space. Elise decided to go for the push to open option for her doors giving her a minimalistic sleek look.

“I really wanted a home that was warm, textural with an industrial edge. I loved the Chia Pudding colour at first sight, there was never any question on which product to choose. The American Oak bench tops really warm up the space and introduce character to the kitchen. I really hope over time the way they age will tell the story of our family.” Says Elise

When it came to designing process for the kitchen Elise confirmed that our 3D kaboodle planner is an essential! Elise found that designing in the 3D planner allowed her to visual the space and ensure she is making the colour and design choices that suit her.

“The 3D planner was essential. I am a visual person but the kitchen is such a critical space anything that helps ensure you are making the right choices is priceless.” Says Elise

We know that DIY installing a kitchen isn’t for everyone and that’s okay! Elise had a professional installer come in to give her a hand with the installation process and this just helped to streamline the renovation.

“I would love to say we had a hand in it but we had an installer do the assembly but everything seemed to come together quickly and easily.” Says Elise

We think the sign of any successful renovation is that you’d recommend it to your friends and family!  When we asked Elise whether she’d recommend kaboodle to her friends and family it was a no brainer.

“I was a bit daunted by the idea of renovating but if I had known then what I know now I would’ve done it years ago. Kaboodle made it so easy, quick and painless… plus I love the end product.” Says Elise

Finally, we wanted to hear how their new kitchen has impacted Elise’s and her family’s everyday life…

“Our new kitchen has completely changed how we feel in our home. It has become a space that reflects who we are and is more comfortable to be in. We are really excited to be hosting Christmas for our families this year in a space that we are proud of.” Says Elise

 We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about Elise’s kaboodle transformation journey!