behind the scenes - blue bliss

come behind the scenes of our latest inspiration gallery, blue bliss, as we speak to homeowner Matthew about how he transformed his kitchen space with kaboodle

Come behind the scenes of our latest inspiration gallery, blue bliss as we speak to homeowner Matthew about how he transformed his kitchen with kaboodle.

before kitchen

Located in Gladstone Park, Victoria, Matt decided it was time to update his existing kitchen. The original kitchen was built in the 1980’s, so it was in desperate need of a kaboodle refresh. Matt transformed his retro timber kitchen into a bright, modern space he and his family now love spending time in.

colour palette

We asked Matt and his wife Savannah how they decided on the hardest part of any kitchen renovation, choosing the colour! They decided on a combination of danish blue and macaroon for the doors and panels and marble look santolina benchtops.

“We chose Danish Blue because we wanted to inject some vibrance and colour into the space, while also keeping the colour palette quite neutral and we believe it looks fantastic. The Macaroon overheads were used to brighten the area above our oven and break up the Danish Blue.”

3D planner image

Designing a kitchen can be a long process, especially when it comes to getting the design right. You have to consider the way you are going to use the space, how to maximise storage and functionality. We asked Matt how he found the process of designing a kitchen with kaboodle and our 3D planner.

“The 3D planner was a great tool which we utilised to its fullest so that we could see the kitchen on the page and not just in our imagination – without the planner we would have been lost.”

Now the fun part! Putting the new kitchen together and seeing the dream kitchen come to life. We asked Matt how they went with assembling the new kitchen

“I have put different flat pack product together over the years but could not be happier with the kaboodle product and its fittings – the instructions were easy to read and depicted exactly what was required.”

after kitchen

Finally, we wanted to hear how their new kitchen has impacted Matt and his family’s everyday life….  

“We enjoy our time in the kitchen so much more now than we did before! The kitchen is such a central part of our house and now has become a focal point for friends and family on visits, we love our new kaboodle kitchen and the feeling we get each time we enter the space.”

Matt and his family are now happily enjoying their new modern kitchen!

“We cannot speak highly enough of kaboodle and have already recommended that family, friends and colleagues check kaboodle out for their next kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovation.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about Matt's renovation journey! For more inspiration and ideasto create your kitchen, your way™, visit our design blog or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.