appliance guide

Choosing the right appliances for your new kitchen is something that can be done throughout the planning and designing stages. Use our appliance checklist below to help guide you through the process of selecting appliances for your kitchen based on style and functionality.

Appliance Checklist


There are a variety of different rangehood styles for you to consider depending on how much space you’ve allocated for a rangehood to fit into your design. For something bold and dynamic then a canopy rangehood definitely makes a statement and is very universal in terms of style. If you only have a small amount of space to work with then consider using our 600mm rangehood cabinet to incorporate with an undermount rangehood. This will provide you with further storage space for condiments and groceries.


This all comes down to cooking preference and availability of gas on site. Nowadays, the difference between the performance of a gas and electric cooktop is very subtle. The maintenance of an electric or induction cooktop is very easy which is why people generally install these cooktops in rental properties. If you prefer to stick to gas and have existing gas installed on the premises then there are also quite a few designs to choose from.


Similar to choosing a cooktop, this also comes down to personal preference and availability of gas on site. Another very important thing to consider is the oven size. Think about how often you cook and how much food you usually make. If you have a larger sized family then consider a 900mm oven over a 600mm oven. Most people partner the size of their oven to the length of their cooktop to maintain consistency, so if you’ve chosen a 900mm oven and a 600mm cooktop – consider upgrading this to the larger size.


Dishwashers usually come in 600mm lengths and are freestanding between two base cabinet end panels. They can also be incorporated into a cabinet internally for a more streamlined look. Match the colour or finish of your dishwasher with the rest of your appliances.

Use our oven towers to fit your appliances in.


The size of your fridge opening in your kitchen should be based on whether or not you have an existing fridge to fit into the space and also on the overall size of your planned kitchen. The more space you allocate for your fridge, the less pantry storage or cabinetry space you'll have to store your goods. Just like a freestanding dishwasher, match the colour or finish of your fridge with the rest of your appliances.


If you’re thinking about including an oven tower into your kitchen design then you’ll need a microwave to include in the tower. Remember that you’ll have a gap just under 600mm to slot your microwave into so accurate measuring is a must prior to bringing home a microwave for your tower. For a more flush finish, look into installing a microwave with a trimkit in your tower. Be sure to also check your microwave clearances in the instruction manual to make sure your microwave is suited to be placed in the kaboodle microwave box. 

Just remember…

The performance and quality of each product should be at the top of your list when it comes time to finding the right appliances for your kitchen. Once you’re clear on the type of appliances you’re wanting to install into your new kitchen then make sure you research and compare the different products in the market.